Montanna Jones and the Diamond Lake Massacre

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“Montanna Jones and the Diamond Lake Massacre”

A fortune in Aztec gold awaits, but if you believe in urban legends, so does something else…

  • Sunday, 19th March 2017
  • 08:00 – 17:00
  • Standard game

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The Story

Legend and myth, truth and lies …

There are many tales of the supernatural, and to most they are nothing but fiction.

However to those who have experienced such events first hand, such stories are not so easily dismissed.

Such a person studied the news report.

BREAKING NEWS: Five archaeologists reported missing last month made the headlines again today as 2 of the missing teens have been found dead at the edge of the abandoned Diamond Lake Scout Camp where there dig was taking place, the mutilated bodies were desecrated with bizarre occult symbols. Officers are searching the area for evidence. Meanwhile rumours persist of the return of the 1960’s Psychotic killer and bank robber “Mad Dog Mitchell”.

The man at the television reached into a filing cabinet for a classified police report, it was one of many illegally acquired things that were tucked away in the lavishly decorated cabin of a luxury yacht.

“Mad Dog” Mitchell Jones was responsible for the deaths of over 100 people during the 60’s before his death. Legend persists about his final robbery at the National Art Museum, where approximately 28 million dollars’ worth of Aztec Gold was stolen along with several other priceless artefacts that were on display.

When police finally caught up with him at Diamond Lake, he had brutally murdered the entire Scout group who were camped there, apparently in some kind of sacrifice to the Aztec gods. A shoot out with officers resulted in the death of Mitchell, however a forest fire believed to have been started by the killer destroyed the camp site and any evidence to the missing loot, his body was also lost to the flames as arresting officers were forced to flee the area to escape the blaze that lasted over a week and destroyed miles of the forest…

So after all these years, perhaps “Mad Dog” was still alive… and more importantly perhaps the treasure was with him.

Dr Montana Jones, freelance archaeologist, treasure hunter, thief and notorious black market dealer in illegal relics got to his feet, it was time to wake the crew.

His crew consisted of a verity of very loyal but otherwise unscrupulous villains and cut throats who formed the bulk of his criminal gang.

The police would have the area surrounded and it would not be easy getting to the ruins of the scout camp, but they would, even if a few small town cops had to be removed.

A fortune in Aztec gold awaited them, but if you believe in urban legends, so does  something else…

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