“Combating SPECONs own ultimate weapon”

Sunday, 28th July 2024

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Questions? Feel free to contact us by phoning us on 07590 255 914, emailing: info@frontierairsoft.co.uk, send us a message via facebook, or simply use the form on our contact page.

Frontier Airsoft is based in the UK in Staffordshire, near Penkridge and Cannock.

We provide fun, competitive team based shooting games in a woodland environment suited for all players regardless of experience or age.

Airsoft is generally considered a sport similar to Paintball although usually more oriented towards military simulation (Milsim), where players use realistic replica firearms (Airsoft Guns – AEGs, spring and gas powered) firing 6mm plastic BBs. Ammunition is cheap and readily available, guns can be hired on site or purchased privately and used for our games.

Find out more about our games, or check out the site details for more information. If you’re new to Airsoft and have questions, feel free to get in touch with us or our massive and friendly player community on Facebook, or have a read of our FAQ section.

Frontier Airsoft is on the A449, south of Stafford, between junction 13 of the M6 at Dunston and Penkridge.
The closest postcode to the area for your sat nav systems is ST19 5RE.