Frontier Membership

Become Part of the Frontier Universe

We offer a choice of two membership packages to enhance your experience at Frontier.



Annual price



UKARA registration (must be over 18 and meet UKARA’s own requirements)

Membership card

A choice of patch from our shop

Personalised Frontier T-shirt

Discount of £5 on your walk on fees (a potential saving of over £100 a year)

How To Get Membership

You can take out membership by completing a membership form and paying the subscription price at our on-site shop. At present, all subscriptions must be paid in cash as we don’t have a debit or credit card facility and we do not accept cheques. Under special circumstances we may allow you to use PayPal, but you’ll have to call or email us directly.

When you join, we will take your details, issue you a membership card and if you have chosen elite membership arrange for your T-shirt and Patch to be at the next game you attend.

Membership Card

This is your unique members card and it will be used to identify you, If you lose your card, we can issue a replacement at a cost of £5.

UKARA Registration

UKARA are a association formed to control the sale of Realistic Imitation Firearms (RiFs) and prevent their misuse by non-airsofters. Both membership packages offer you the opportunity to become registered with UKARA as an airsoft skirmisher, allowing you to purchase RiFs. Whilst a player of any age can become a Frontier Airsoft member, you must be 18 years or over to qualify for UKARA membership. You must also have attended at least 3 full game days at Frontier over a period of no less that 2 months so that we can refer you as a verified airsoft skirmisher.

You can visit if you would like to know more about how and where you can buy RiFs.