COVID-19 protocols for Frontier Airsoft

COVID-19 protocols for Frontier Airsoft

new set of protocols that we must adhere to during the COVID-19 crisis that are an addition to our usual airsoft protocols.
They are as follows:

New Protocols 2020:

  • If you are showing any symptoms of being unwell do not attend.
  • we reserve the right to ask you to take a none contact digital temperature check on arriving.
  • When you arrive at site, please remain in/on your transport until greeted by the car park steward. You will then be allocated a place to park and then the person who made the booking, goes up to the sign in desks and gets waivers for ALL the people they booked (saves huge lines at sign in)
  • After parking, you will be able to enter the safe zone (keeping 2 meters distance from other players) , use the toilets and buy ammo.
  • You will be able to use the crono as normal (keeping 2 meters distance from other players and staff).
  • You will be operating from your cars in the carpark rather than the safe zone bays , so please keep your mags OUT of your guns until you leave the car park / safe zone and are past the boundaries to the crono / game area,
  • When returning back to the safe zone or car park mags must be removed from guns (as normal).
  • Glasses or full face airsoft masks must be worn once crossing the boundaries to the crono / game area (as normal).
  • You will be able to return to your transport to get any equipment that you may need during the day. We ask everyone to try and use their vehicle as a place to operate, for those of you where this is not practical we will be offering limited space inside the safe zone.
  • Once the above has been completed we will begin safety briefing this will be done in the car park while adhering to social distancing (I have bought a megaphone), we will then split the teams into 2 colours. before the games start we will call in each coloured team indevidualy for a quick brief on the rules for that particular game (again reducing the numbers in the safe zone at any one time)
  • Whenever needed please make use of the hand washing facilities. (we will have water on site and sinks in the carpark).
  • Toilets – We will have portable toilets on site, After using the loo, please follow the instructions on the loos (basically asking you to spray cleaning solution and tidy up any mess you have made) and set the 2-minute timer on the door for the cleaning agents to work. (note there is a hand wash station next to the toilets, make sure to use this after using the toilets and setting the timer.
  • Rubbish – All rubbish must be put in the bins in the car park (or taken home), if we find rubbished dumped in your parking bay, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED BACK.
  • First Aid – we will have basic first aid to hand out where needed. Anything worse than a scratch or scrape will be dealt with by an on-site first aider. There will be provided with PPE ( Mask , visor and gloves) and an ambulance will be called if required.
  • We will have NO CATERING, cans and chocolate can be purchased on site, but no hot food will be provided at the moment.
  • We will still take a half hour lunch break so please bring food with you to avoid having to leave to buy food.
  • We will provide a basic shop for consumables & battery charging. However we will only be charging batteries at lunch time so please don’t arrive with dead batteries and ask us to charge them in the morning.
  • 2 meter social distancing must be adhered to in all social areas and whenever possible all day, However as per the latest Government advice, when actually playing you can go down to 1 meter max distance if the following proviso are met:
    1. a Face coving is worn by any players at 1 meter of each other,
    2. keep interactions brief (30 seconds max)
    3. players sharing cover at 1 meter distance should face different directions
  • 1 meter distance when a face covering is worn by all involved, for limited time as stated above, is the ABSOLUTE minimum distance you must be. Players breaching this rule will be given a warning , further violations and you will be asked to leave without a refund,
    whenever possible keep distances to 2 meter or more
  • face covering must be worn ready to be used when in the gaming areas at all times. This can be fabric snoods or other material face covering around the neck. Players are not required to cover their mouth unless moving from 2 meter to 1 meter distance to another player who is also wearing a mask. (obviously eyewear must be worn at all times in the game area)
  • No physical props we use will need to be touched by players in most games. If they are used in a limited capacity , they will be cleaned prior to being deployed in the site and will only be touched once by a single player before being disinfected again.
  • Booking must be paid for in full, due to the limited spaces no refunds will be given if you are unable to attend.
  • You must complete the new insurance waiver for each player booking, this must be signed by each player booking and handed in at the start of game 1 before any play commences.
  • Bookings must be paid for 3 days after the request is sent , once paid a ticket for the game will be sent to you (this emailed ticket must be shown to the parking marshal once you arrive at the gate
  • if you don’t make payment , someone else will be offered your ticket

Additional safe zone Covid19 Briefing:

  • Please adhere to social distancing at all times and ware face coverings in the safe zone (the car park, where you will have your gear, you can remove face coverings BUT must maintain 2 meter social distancing).
  • Please wash your hands regularly and frequently and for the required amount of time (20 seconds).
    If you are showing any symptoms of being unwell you should NOT be here.
  • When using any shared facilities please make sure you wear a face covering.
  • Please follow the simple instructions when using the toilets (instructions on wall inside toilets).
  • Please wear face protection (or have it ready to wear) during the games in case you need to go to a 1 meter distance.
  • Please retain all your own equipment (NO sharing) in your own space unless you are in a social bubble with those you are with.
  • Please put all rubbish in the bins provided
  • When rental equipment will be issued, it cannot be shared and after use will be cleaned down by a team member in PPE and secured until the following weekend.
  • Please stay alert, control the Virus and save lives.