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The Story

During the end of the 2012 war with Usrekistahn, known as the “Shadow Conflict” in western media, the main combat division of the SPECON task force IRONHAND was almost completely wiped out when General Saiem unleashed a biological weapon during the attack on his capital city and military base.

The gas the Generals forces released on the attacking troops was devastating.

In 2013 the unit was officially disbanded and the veterans given full pensions, and if they wanted, re-hired as recruit trainers at SPECON command in order to rebuild the IRONHAND task force.

The survivors who were not killed outright or critically wounded, suffered many side effects from the chemicals such as: sterilization, blindness, disfigurement and cellular mutation, as well as psychological trauma, sadly these were the lucky ones.

The most unfortunate were disfigured beyond help by cosmetic surgeries, their bodies had been changed on a genetic level and drastic measures were needed to even keep them alive…

Two men were called upon: Professor Benjamin Gould and Kenneth Jones Bennedict – CEO of Coroli Corporation, inventor, designer and Millionaire Playboy.

These two genius minds were given the task of undoing what General Salem had done to the men and women of the IRONHAND unit…

Using a combination of sentient intelligence, Nanobot technology and micro-fusion power, they set about a project known as “The Future Soldiers”.

Out of 46 applicants only five survivors completed the final stages of their cybernetic rehabilitation and training.

Robotics and grafts replaced deformed bones and damaged tissue, cybernetics linked directly to the brains gave them enhanced hearing and sight, they were a masterpiece of medical and engineering technology.

Each of the 5 were also injected with A.I. controlled microscopic robots, that rebuilt not only the brain and organs from within the body, but are also capable of repairing future damage to the robotic exoskeletons that house them.

They are super soldiers, capable of far more than ordinary humans.

The down side however to this incredible feat is the power source, the only way to sustain the advanced technology used to create the future soldiers was a prototype miniature nuclear reactor.

This reactor, despite its protective casing is slowly causing radiation poisoning to the brains of the hosts.

This means that when not deployed on an active mission, the five Future Solders must be secured in cryogenic freezing chambers to limit their exposure to the reactors.

This drawback is substantial, but the huge benefits of just one of the five soldiers being deployed on a battlefield is undeniable. Each being able to take on the over 100 enemy combatants easily. Entering extremely dangerous situations with little risk, they have turned the outcome of multiple operations across the globe.

However, recently while conducting operations in a hostile warzone where one of the five had been deployed disaster has struck. The enemy have managed to somehow damage the cyborgs operating systems, causing a complete shutdown.

This sudden loss resulted in the troops who were supporting the cyborg to be quickly over run by the superior enemy numbers.

This terrorist cell now has a captured the Future Solider, and it is believed they may have the technology to reprogram its core operating directives.

If this were to happen, the host pilot would no longer be able to differentiate from orders given by SPECON and outside sources, meaning they could theoretically command one of the most advance weapons in the world.

Time is a key factor, as the security protocols on the core operating system are highly advanced, and it will take time for them to be bypassed (if the aggressors even have the technology capable of achieving this).

The remaining four future soldiers are over 10 hours away, back on U.S soil, and will require a further 5 hours to be unfrozen from cryo-sleep and reinitialized for combat.

This, coupled with the fact the terrorists have already managed to disable one of the five already, makes sending them in on a recovery mission unviable.

The only option is for SPECON Agents to be deployed in the area and launch a counter offensive to recover the fallen cyborg.

Should they be unable to reestablish connection with the Future Solider they have been instructed to terminate the cyborg, and if possible, recover the brain housed inside.

If the brain can be removed and taken back to SPECON command safely, Professor Gould believes that he can transplant it back into one of the new advanced, as yet untested, endo-skeletons they are currently working on.

Should the enemy be able to activate the Cyborg and override its operating system before SPECON agents are able to stop them, then the Agents have been authorized to try to cause a reactor breach in the Solider from a classified hidden weak point, resulting in a catastrophic release of radiation that would destroy the host and anyone within a half mile radius.

This option is the last resort, for should this technology be commandeered by terrorists, the fate of the world would be at stake.

Find out and participate in the outcome to this story in our next exciting game: Terminating Technology!

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