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The Story

African rebels known as “Ugatu’s Army” have now taken over a third of Uganda.

The Rebels, little more that ruthless former street gangs armed with military weapons by the now deposed warlord, continue to fight against the new administration and government of Uganda.

Using whole villages as human shields , they have forced the official army to conduct a ground war against them though  the jungle.

The Rebels have the advantage, many having grown up in the areas they control,  leading constant gorilla warfare attacks against any out siders foolish enough to enter the territory they control.

This has led to many ambushes, and huge losses on the Governments part.

However the stockpile of military weaponry they were able to commandeer when fleeing the palace after their leader was finally over thrown is diminishing.

The solution, allowing dumping of toxic waste into local water reservoirs in exchange for arms funding from black market sources.

A forest reserve in the district of Hoima, where it is reported that several thousand litres of waste are currently being unloaded everyday into water sources are killing wildlife, and turning civilian water sources into undrinkable toxic sludge.

Uganda however has cut its self-off from the west, and has instead accepted aid from the Chinese Government, military forces are bolstering the depleted Ugandan army in exchange for mineral mining rights.

As such, the western media has been forbidden to enter the country, and no one has been reporting on the terrible environmental consequences and civilian deaths caused by the rebels.

Until now, DBC reporter Kevin Laway and a small news crew have illegally crossed the boarder in an attempt to gain evidence of the atrocities taking place in the country.

His aim is to break the story and force the Ugandan Government and the Chinese military presence to admit defeat ask SPECON for aid.

Unfortunately, despite reaching the dumping site and gathering evidence, Kevin and the DBC news crew were attacked by rebel forces and have been taken prisoner.

A sat phone call to the DBC office has been received and a ransom of 20 million dollars has been demanded.

SPECON know that the Ugandan Government will deny any truth to the rebels claims of having the hostages, and no ransom will be allowed to be paid.

The only option is for a small team of SPECON Agents to cross the border and launch a rescue mission.

This will be a highly illegal black operation, and politically there must be no evidence of their involvement to the recovery of the reporters.

As the team prepare for the mission, each aware that should they fall in battle SPECON will have no choice but to deny any knowledge.

The fate of Kevin Laway and the DBC news team rests in their hands….

Find out the out come of this story in our next exciting game: Press Release

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