Charles Lyall

Charles Lyall

Co-Founder of the Lyall-Carthum Conglomerate along with Sandra Carthum. Almost nothing is known of Charles Lyall other than he is relatively young and enjoys collecting antique motor vehicles, a not uncommon hobby for a rich, young entrepreneur.

His personal biography is vague. It mentions travelling around the world “a few times” and touches on “estates in England, France, North and South America and New Zealand”.

While it seems his business associate Sandra Carthum is the truly wealthy half of the Conglomerate, most of her business assets are presently funnelled into her ‘pet project’, leaving Lyall to run the profit-related areas of the business. Lyall is nominally in charge of the day-to-day arrangements required to oversee the group of smaller businesses that generate the bulk of the income.

Conglomerate employees are very familiar with receiving emails from Lyall with new policies and new business directives. He claims that travelling these days is unnecessary and he can achieve more through digital communications and “proper use of the telephone” than most people can in a lifetime of travelling to the office every day.

There is a small reward offered by an independently published investigative journal called ‘Natural Studies of the World’ for any information relating to Charles Lyall.