Shanty Lab Complex (Alaska)

Shanty Lab Complex (Alaska)

At some stage after giving the Interpol agent Pierre-Louis the slip in Sudan, Matherson made his way to North America where he established a laboratory deep in the Alaskan forests where he wouldn’t be disturbed.

From the fragments of his personal notes recovered from the site, it seems that Matherson and a man he refers to simply as ‘Jenkins’ worked largely in isolation to continue Matherson’s bio-weapons research. His notes also revealed that he was being funded by a benefactor he referred to simply as ‘The Landlord’, an interesting nickname that could have a variety of meanings. It would appear that Matherson himself is not without a sense of drama, and enjoys leaving small clues for his pursuers.

The lab site in Alaska was heavily damaged by a firefight between two or more unknown groups. Bodies recovered by the Bio-weapons division of the C.D.C showed no distinctive markings or insignia.

The entire area has been declared a biological containment zone while the C.D.C and other organisations ensure that nothing of Matherson’s experiments contaminated the local area.

This is hampered by the fact that almost nothing remains of his work…