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Explore the Site

Have a look at our Game Photos to get a feel for the site on game days.

Once on the site, take the time to explore during the games. There are so many features set up that it would be impossible to list them all and this allows multiple routes to objectives and various ways to take fortified positions.

The 25 acre woodland area is thick with trees and many barricades, bunkers, foxholes and defences. You’ll quickly discover a few more prominent features like the abandoned Land Rovers, pillboxes and Winston’s Bridge, and don’t forget Frontier Fort: a large wooden structure at the rear of the site that can be your greatest asset or your worst nightmare!

View a print-friendly map of the site

Arriving and Starting the Day

One you arrive our marshals will direct you a safe parking spot and you can unload your gear in the safe zone area. Here you’ll find our office where you can book in, around the safe zone are plenty of under cover chairs and tables, our shop (free tea and coffee too) and the toilets.

After everyone has arrived, signed in and got settled, a marshal will give the safety briefing followed by the game briefing which will fill you in on what games you can expect to play, who the teams are and what you’re fighting over. After this it’s time to finish gearing up while being divided into teams and from there you’ll be escorted to your starting locations (which are also usually your respawn points). Before this stage any new players will have been given a more in depth briefing by a marshal and shown how to use the guns and be encouraged to ask questions. New players will then rejoin the rest in time to be put into teams.

When you hear the call of “GAME ON” from the marshal play will begin. At the end of each game (when you’ll hear “END EX” from the marshals) all players will return to the safe zone to congratulate over victories and commiserate over deaths while the Marshals tally the score for that game.

The Frontier Airsoft Site

Site Facilities

Food & Drinks

  • Please feel free to bring food and drink with you that can be stored in our safe zone during the game.
  • Additional snacks and drinks available to buy on site at all times.
  • Free tea or coffee in mornings.
  • No alcohol may be consumed on site.


  • Unisex portable toilet on site.

Shop & Hire Guns

  • On site shop selling BBs, Gas and Grenades for use during games. Our Hire Shop has a limited number of guns for hire during games, please be sure to request a hire gun when making your booking.

Power On Site

  • Charging facility for batteries available. Our staff can do this for you between games if needed however please arrive with charged batteries in the morning as there will not be time to charge them before we start the games.


  • A phone will be available on site for emergency use at all times. Most mobile phone networks will work without problems, though Frontier Airsoft accepts no responsibility for network coverage.