News Submission Guidelines

We’re creating a special section of our site where we’re going to be reviewing guns, writing articles about airsoft in general, creating guides on Kit loadouts, weapon repairs and general airsoft related tips and tricks.

If you’ve got something to say about aisoft, send it to us and we’ll put it on our website. This is your chance to tell people about that cool gun you bought, or maybe you got excellent service from an airsoft shop and want to recommend them, maybe you’ve found the perfect pair of boots for your kit, or you’ve discovered a great trick for adjust the hop-up in your favourite gun. You may just want to talk about the state of airsoft, the UKARA gun laws, the politics surrounding the classification and certification of airsoft RIF’s, or maybe you’re a brand new player and you’d like a platform visited by thousands of people a month to share your first steps in the world of airsoft.

Whatever and whoever you are, we want to hear from you!

Send your submission to: (read the guidelines below first).

Email us now

Make sure we can read it

Please send your article in an easily accessible format, examples are:

  • Open Office document
  • google docs
  • plain text file
  • Word document

Provide relevant image permissions

If you use any photos or images please be sure to include information on the source (who took it, etc.)

Make sure that any images you include have the correct permissions for use on our website.

Sending Videos

Feel free to submit video reviews/articles, simply send us a link to your video hosted on Youtube or a similar video sharing platform.

We don’t host any videos on our site, since platforms like Youtube do it a lot better, but we’ll create a linked video from there.

Giving you credit

If your article, news or review is published on our site we’ll give you full credit in any way you prefer at the end of the piece. Please be sure to let us know your preferences, something like any or all of the following examples:

  • Your full given name (i.e. John Smith)
  • Your screen name (i.e. Smittyairsoft66)
  • Social media links to your profiles (FB, twitter, G+, youtube, etc.)
  • Links to your website or blog
  • A small Bio or description of who you are
  • Other contact details, (email, phone etc)