To Catch A Spider

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“To Catch A Spider”

Easter Special

  • Sunday, 5th April 2015
  • 08:30 – 16:00
  • Standard game

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The Story

The Zoo-topia Park is located North Carolina in the Uwharrie Mountains.

At over 4,000 acres it is the largest walk-through zoo in the world. The Park contains large areas of natural forest, jungle environments, rolling mountains and white water streams.

You will also find facilities such as: cutting edge genetics labs, Veterinary schools and classrooms at various locations throughout the park.

The Zoo is also used as a university for the best and brightest zoologists in the world, and acceptance is extremely limited and highly prized by academics.

Zoo-topia has over 1600 animals from more than 250 species primarily representing Africa and North America. The zoo is open 364 days a year and receives more than 700,000 visitors annually.

Recently however things have gone badly wrong at Zoo-topia Park…, over the last 6 weeks five members of staff (including a visiting professor from Oxford University) have gone missing.

No trace of them found, and more worrying, there is no record of them leaving the park. There apartments and houses were found empty and no contact has been made with family or friends. The director of the park had managed to keep this from the media for several weeks using a cover story of a African research visit.

Meanwhile investigations were privately authorised. The Park remained open.

The investigation team, professional big game hunters who privately (and often illegally) acquired many of the animals that inhabit Zoo-topia today, were brought in by the director and set to run sweeps through some of the more dangerous and un-explored areas of the park. They found strange tracks that did not match anything on record, as well as some torn fragments of staff uniform.

Unfortunately the situation got steadily worse and in the past 3 days, several of the investigators and one tourist have also gone missing, the Zoo has now been closed down temporarily under the guise of maintenance, documents have been falsified as evidence that customer left the park safe and sound should the police come looking.

Yesterday one of the missing students arrived at the main office, her clothing covered in dry blood, face scared with lacerations, and clutching a large egg covered in clumps of a thick and sinister web like substance (similar to that of a spider…).

The young lady was clearly insane, babbling about experiments and  monsters. The egg when studied appeared to be empty, despite its massive and impossible size it was similar to those of a predatory spider found in Africa usually no bigger than a mouse.

In a desperate bid to keep this from the media or the police, the Director has chosen to call in help from several illegal channels rather than contact the authorities.  Mercenaries, smugglers and poachers have all been hired and paid to track down this creature and destroy it. As well as a substantial fee to those participating, a five million dollar reward has been offered by the zoo and its corporate associates for anyone who brings in the creature alive or a fertilised egg.

With so much money at stake and the park closed to the prying eyes of the world, several of the groups that were hired start to weigh up their chances of claiming the reward… , realising the odds would vastly improve if anything were to “accidentally” happen to their competitors, they make their way into the park.

What awaits in Zoo-topia, who will bring back the creature ?

Or will anyone return at all…..?

Easter eggs to be won!