The Revenge of Drake Daniels

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“The Revenge of Drake Daniels”

The fate of the world hangs in the balance between Super Soldiers, Chemical Weapons and Hostages...

  • Sunday, 2nd April 2017
  • 08:00 – 17:00
  • Standard game

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The Story

Captain John Daniels was presumed dead by SPECON command when his team went missing during a mission nearly a decade ago.

The mission in Africa was to investigate reports of genocide and the apparent connection with an occult artefact believed to have been discovered in a diamond mine.

Although the bodies of his team mates were later recovered, John’s body was never found.

Years later a man matching the description of John Daniels appeared in connection with several ongoing Criminal investigations across Africa.

Furthermore it appeared he was now the leader of a cult operating out of the Jungle and calling himself Drake Daniels.

This cult was made up from hundreds of people of mixed nationalities, mainly ex-military personnel and all extremely loyal to Daniels.

Daniels was indeed alive and in possession of an arcane device. A device he had acquired this during the original mission to the diamond mine where his squad went missing.

This device, of unknown origin, appeared to be able to regenerate any wounds of whoever wore it, and even bring them back to life should they be killed.

The device also had another function, the user had the ability to control the minds of the living.

Anyone touched by the hand of the wearer would be forever under there command.

It was this device that had enabled Daniels to survive several mortal wounds, and build his cult of followers with ease.

These agents would also later free Drake from a lab where he was taken prisoner and studied after being eventually captured by SPECON after being sprayed with a Molecular Acid that burnt him horribly.

Although still alive and able to regenerate from his previous exposer, without the Artifact (taken by SPECON) the healing process was slowed considerably and with complications and hideous mutations.

The Artifact was taken to a top secret facility far away from the research station, although freed by his followers he had lost the device and was unable to create more without it.

However, from research done on his now undead form, Daniels used captured scientists create the chemical gas known as Trioxin.

Trioxin created from his blood, was able to artificially simulate the reanimation process of the recently dead. Although unlike Daniels the subjects turn in to flash hungry, mindless and infected zombies.

He has recently captured a team of top scientists at a world peace summit in Paris and forced them synthesize more of the deadly Troxin gas in order to build a chemical bomb.

He now has the scientists as hostages and what is left of his army of followers armed to the teeth protecting them.

He has informed SPECON of his location, an area of Uganda that was previously under dictatorship of a warlord and whose unsecured boarders and collapsed Government make it rife with terrorist cells and criminal gangs.

China has recently signed a treaty with the newly elected President and part of that alliance is a blanket blockade of U.S and U.N forces, this Drake knows this will prevent all but a small squad of SPECON troops being able to illegally and covertly cross the boarder into country

He has also issued a direct ultimatum, if SPECON do not bring the Artifact to his location to trade for the hostages and the chemical bomb he will execute them and unleash the bomb on the populace of Uganda.

The loss of the Scientist would be a blow to the world in general, but the detonation of a Trioxin bomb in such a largely populated area would cause genocide on a biblical level.

SPECON must proceed very carefully if they are to prevent catastrophe…