Montana Jones and the Battle for Mortis Island

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“Montana Jones and the Battle for Mortis Island”

Fortune and glory await you!

  • Sunday, 3rd May 2015
  • 08:30 – 16:00
  • Standard game

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The Story

Located off the shores of the northern coast of Jamaica, Mortis Island is among approximately 200 islands dotting the infamous Shark Bay. To the casual observer, the 103-acre island appears like many other in this part of the province. Rocks and sand skirt the perimeter of the landmass while native forest and brush cover much of its interior. At first glance, the seemingly mundane island conceals any evidence of historical or strategic importance.

However, appearances can be deceiving…

Despite the natural scenery and serene setting of Mortis Island, the story of this island’s past is replete with mystery, intrigue and tragedy.

During the “Golden Age of Piracy” (between 1690 and 1730) Jamaica had few and sparse European settlements. With just over 200 nautical miles separating the remote beaches of present-day Mortis from the nearest colonised areas, pirates were known to frequent areas near the Island. The unpopulated wilderness of the region provided an abundance of natural resources to restock and repair vessels while its isolation proved an ideal place to harbour their vast misbegotten treasure.

In fact, one notorious pirate, the infamous Captain William Red Beard, admitted to burying a vast wealth of treasure in the area before his capture and subsequent escape from the east India trading company in 1699. It is said he also spoke of a dark curse he had placed upon the island that would protect him and his treasure for all time.

The ledgend of Red Beard’s Treasure says that it is thought to be the fabled cargo of the Flor de la Mar (Flower of the Sea), a 400 ton Portuguese carrack (frigate) built in Lisbon during 1502 that was loaded with a vast treasure taken from the tribes of the Aztec Empire. According to various historical accounts it was the largest treasure ever assembled in the history of the Portuguese navy and the ship fell to pirates before its return.

The potency of the story that surrounds the island has captured the human imagination for generations, and has also driven men to their graves. From academics to adventurers, many have risked their lives to uncover what is buried on Mortis, but until now none had succeeded.

Many treasure hunters have visited Mortis over the last few hundred years in search of this fortune, and in recent years those who were not driven away by the inhospitable coastline are normally taken captive or killed by the notorious Jamaican Voodoo posse operating in the area.

The Voodoo posse are a loose coalition of gangs, based predominantly in Kingston Jamaica, but who are believed to have alliances in most of the civilized world from London to New York.

The Group began using Mortis Island as a staging area for drugs and arms trafficking in the early 1980s and have continued to do so until present day.

With this hostile force inhabiting the island, the tropical paradise would be a death sentence for most visitors….

However, for one man the rewards of Mortis Island are worth any and all risk.

Dr Montana Jones, freelance archaeologist, treasure hunter and notorious black market dealer in illegal relics has uncovered a map he believes will lead him to the treasure of Red Beard. Sat on the deck of a hired ship surrounded by the toughest, most heavily armed mercenaries he could find, a smile crosses his lips he sets sail for Mortis Island….