King of the Hills 2 – Family Feud

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“King of the Hills 2 – Family Feud”

Position as head of the lucrative drugs business that the Hill family run is up for grabs. The Three remaining brothers: Jacob, Cletus & Billy-Bob can all lay claim the rights to lead the clan.

  • Sunday, 25th June 2017
  • 08:00 – 17:00
  • Standard game

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The Story

The mountain town of Big Rock in northern Kentucky is the former home to over 4000 residents.

Now it lays in ruin, the rain and storms rotting away what’s left of the abandoned buildings.

Unemployment and recession across the United States led to a decline in demand from the coal mine that supplied jobs to most the people living there.

Those who could afford it left, those who couldn’t struggled, as people became desperate, crime, prostitution, and crystal meth production became common place.

An old family named the “Hills” who lived in the mountains and forests surrounding the town turned to the drug business.
Selling heroine to the poor and desperate the family prospered as the town died.

The local police and rangers were pushed beyond the limits there dwindling budgets could handle.
They eventually left too, abandoning the town to the criminals and desperate drug addicts that were all that was left of the population.

Eventually the town was declared as abandoned and officially removed from the Maps.

The Hill family needed new customers… and began to sell the drugs produced to the neighbouring towns, profits were high and competitors were murdered.

To keep up with demand as business grew, the leader of the Family (a man known a Jacob) decided to raid a chemical manufacturing plant to steal the equipment and chemicals needed to produce on a larger scale.

The chemical stolen (Highly illegal and something that should never have been stored on U.S soil) belonged to Corporate giant Geno-Tec.

However, Geno-Tec hired professional bounty hunters to track down the stolen shipment before any attention was drawn to their illegal research.

The team came face to face with the entire Hill Family, a bloody battle began and many were killed on both sides.
Jacob was shot and mortally wounded…

Unfortunately that is not where the story ended, Jacob injected himself with a pure form of the chemicals that had been stolen.

His body was mutated beyond anything that had been encounter before, a monstrosity. This abomination then attacked the strike team with extraordinary strength and resilience, the survivors on both sides fled from the battle.

And Jacob escaped into the forests…

3 years later

Tennessee, North Carolina U.S.A, shares it boarder with Kentucky.

The Drugs business along that boarder was formally controlled by a Motor Cycle Club called the Reapers.

However when several of the hidden drugs labs control by the bikers were attacked by the Hill family, the two gangs went to war.

The Hills, as they had so many times before, prospered and were victorious as the last biker was brutally murdered and the family’s new foot hold in Tennessee was secured.

Now with Jacob gone, position as head of the lucrative drugs business that the Hill family run is up for grabs. The Three remaining brothers: Jacob, Cletus & Billy-Bob can all lay claim the rights to lead the clan and each has their own gang of followers within the family.

Looks like another power struggle is about to erupt, this time within the family itself…

As the Hill brothers fight it out to decide who will run the family business, one thing is certain the body count is sure to be high…

Who will become the new leader of the Hill Family? …. Find out in our next exciting game:

King of the Hills 2: Family Feud