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“Highly Addictive”

The Evil of Jacob Hill

  • Sunday, 31st May 2015
  • 08:30 – 16:00
  • Standard game

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The Story

The mountain town of Big Rock in northern Kentucky is home to over 4000 people.

For the last few years times have been hard, as unemployment and recession across the United States has led to a decline in demand from the coal mine that supplied jobs to most the people living there.

Those who could afford it left, those who could not stayed and tried to live with what little the government could give them.

As people became desperate, crime, prostitution and heroin production became rampant in the area.

An old family named the “Hills”, that have lived in the mountains and forests surrounding the town since the 18 hundreds, turned to the drug business.
Selling hill-billy heroine to the poor and desperate the family prospered, and soon they had run off or killed all competitors in Big Rock.

As the economy began to improve in 2013, the mine was eventually reopened. The town started to rebuild. However it had been changed by what had happened and despite the fresh influx of people looking for work, it had still become a place of criminals and lawlessness.

Praying on the influx of new customers the Hill Family used this new growth to its advantage. The meth labs had never been so busy.

The leader of the Hill family for the last 15 years was the oldest of 4 brothers, known as “Big Zeek”. However in 2014 it turned out Zeek had been stealing from the family, he was forced to flee Kentucky (it is believed he is now hiding out in Philadelphia).

Now with “Big” Zeek gone, position as head of the lucrative drugs business that the Hill family runs has passed to the 2nd eldest of the 4 brothers, a man known as Jacob.

However Jacob is not some simple hick, he is externally intelligent and even more devious, making him if anything more of a threat than his brother. It was his former ingenuity that had led to the hills manufacturing their own drugs in the first place.

3 months ago Jacob lead the hill’s in a raid on an industrial chemical plant two states over, and kidnapped several chemists and stole a large quantity of industrial chemicals.

The chemists and stolen chemicals were then taken back to Big rock, where Jacob now holds them hostage, forcing them to produce a new type of drug known locally as “Bliss”.

The effects of this highly addictive drug known as bliss are two fold, one is an dizzying intoxicating high that lasts for several hours (that users report to be vastly superior to conventional street drugs). The second , that activates after the first has diminished, is an increased strength and stamina lasting for around 5-6 hours, coupled with the all compelling desire to acquire more Bliss.

The idea being the perspective addict on a come down is physically enhanced, allowing them the focus and physical ability needed to steal the money needed to get the next fix. This has led to a massive rise in crime across Big Rock with the local police and rangers pushed to the limit.

As if this isn’t bad enough, cases of Bliss addicts being arrested are already showing up in other towns. The suspects, often turning on police forces in psychotic rage when any attempt to detain them is made, are often killed during the arrests.

The final and perhaps most deadly fact about bliss is the discovery that the addict becomes medically dependent on the drug, and if held by police for more than a couple of days they die from the withdrawal.

The drug changes the user’s physiology, and it is this that has alerted people in high up places as to the possible connection between this out break and the kidnapping and robbery at the chemical plant.
The chemical plant, that was mainly a storage and drop off hub, only held a small staff and one laboratory and belonged to the corporate giant Geno-Tec.

Geno-Tec , the multinational corporation responsible for most modern day pharmaceutical patents, and SPECONS primary contractor for biological weapons research and development.

The effects of Bliss were worrying similar to a nerve compound developed by the corporation in the late 1990’s to aid troops in Afghanistan. Later this project was scrapped once the mortality rate of the recovering test subjects was discovered.

This compound should have been destroyed, if it is linked back to Geno-Tec, unpleasant questions may be asked…

Before news of the new drug or the situation in Big Rock could reach mainstream media, an unofficial black out was issued from shadowy places within the American Government, all attempts to report on the rising incidents have been repressed.

Geno-Tec have now assembled a strike team, and as the residents of Big Rock unknowingly suffer the rapidly increasing chaos of the bliss infected criminals, these professional soldiers dressed in unmarked military fatigues prepare to enter the forest.

The mission is to cover up any evidence of the company’s involvement at any cost. The law has tried to confront the Hills in the forests once before, last time only 2 of the 50 man posse ever came back alive…

Will Geno-Tec be implicated in this scandal?, will Jacob simply give up his new money making narcotic or the kidnapped chemists?

Find out in our next exciting game … Highly Addictive