Criminals and Corporations

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“Criminals and Corporations”

Industrial espionage, a knife-edge power balance is threatened, international politics can't stand in the way...

  • Sunday, 2nd October 2016
  • 09:00 – 17:00
  • Standard game

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The Story

Kenneth Jones Bennedict, CEO of Coroli Corporation; His company was the first to successfully develop a fully petrochemical free, waste free engine that performed as well or better than any petrol driven or nuclear counterpart.

After the unveiling of the prototype at the Powering the Future Exhibition several years ago, Coroli found its stock value tripled over night.

But they also made some enemies along the way as well… Protekorp International has a large stock portfolio in oil; oil production; refining; prospecting; reprocessing; oil alternatives; and of course fuel distribution.

If Coroli were ever to successfully bring their engine to market it would mean the loss of billions to this corporate giant.

Fortunately for Protekorp, the initial design for this technology was fraught with problems, although it was possible to generate comparable or vastly superior power to any petrochemical equivalent, the cost in materials needed were exorbitant, making it impossible for mass production.

The military were later to buy the technology exclusively, figuring it too dangerous to be used mainstream, they employed it for use in a robotic battle suit that was successfully used in several altercations during at attack by hostile extra-terrestrial forces.

Kenneth Jones Bennedict spearheaded the retro fit to the new power source along with several other scientists.

In the last few years that contract has continued, and refinements to both the battle suit and the power system have been made.  Coroli Corporation has taken its place among the elite group who now supply military technology to the world council for deployment in the SPECON units.

3 years ago a robotic lab assistant A.I (created by Bennedict to assist him) was taken over by forces unknown, it killed several of the military scientists working on the Battle Suit and stole the technical data required to reproduce both the Suit and the Engine.

Both were eventually recaptured, and the A.I was found , or rather the mechanical body it controlled was found deactivated.

Later a black market auction was uncovered by SPECON intelligence, an auction for a new prototype version of the Battle Suit.

Sold without the power supply technology (instead relying on batteries) , SPECON troops attacked and the duplicate suit was destroyed by the original.

Due to insufficient power, it was only able to fight a few minutes at a time. This made the copy relatively harmless, and no duplicate technology has been uncovered by SPECON since.

Until now….

A leak within Protekorp International has supplied information that the corporation has been contacted by persons unknown. They have been offered a price for a working version of the Coroli engine. More Disturbingly the sellers claim to have produced it at affordable levels for mass production.

This technology must not fall into the hands of the general public, or the many terrorist groups that operate in the world.

They have the location and date  for the proposed hand over, Protekorp will be employing its “unaffiliated” mercenary group to meet with the sellers in China.

China has long been in opposition to SPECON, claiming they have no jurisdiction to act as “world police” and has denied them operational rights on Chinese soil, this has led to China becoming the hiding ground of many terrorist organisation and a haven to war criminals in recent months.

SPECON won’t receive an exact location of the trade off until one hour before, and although there informant will be at the meeting, this gives them very little time to prep for the mission.

A small tactical strike team from SPECON unit LOCKPICK will be assembled on the border, and once the location is revealed they will cross illegally and recover the technology.

Will they be successful? And who is this mysterious organization that claims to have the stolen technology?

Find out in our next exciting game: Criminals and Corporations