The Fate of the Hill Family

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“The Fate of the Hill Family”

What has become of the hills? And Does the monster known as Jacob still lead them?

  • Friday, 8th April 2016
  • 09:00 – 16:00
  • Standard game

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The Story


The mountain town of Big Rock in northern Kentucky, The former to be home to over 4000 residents.

Unemployment and recession across the United States led to a decline in demand from the coal mine that supplied jobs to most the people living there.

Those who could afford it left.

As people became desperate, crime, prostitution, and heroin production became rampant in the area.

An old family named the “Hills” who lived in the mountains and forests surrounding the town turned to the drug business.

Selling hill-billy heroine to the poor and desperate the family prospered, and soon they had run off or killed all competitors in Big Rock.

The current leader of the Hill family, a man known as Jacob, externally intelligent and even more devious, Jacob lead the hill’s to a raid on an industrial chemical plant stealing a large quantity of industrial chemicals. Using two kidnapped chemists they produced a new type of drug known locally as “Bliss”.


The most notable effects of this highly addictive drug known as bliss are two fold, one is an dizzying intoxicating high that lasts for several hours that users report to be vastly superior to conventional street drugs.


The other, that activates after the first has diminished, are increased strength and stamina lasting for around 5-6 hours coupled with the all compelling desire and focus to acquire more Bliss.


This led to a massive rise in crime across Big Rock with the local police and rangers pushed beyond the limit.


Eventually the town was abandoned, now nothing but a ghost of its former self.


The chemical plant that was raided belonged to Geno-Tec. And the chemicals were highly illegal…


Geno-Tec assembled a strike team, armed men dressed in unmarked military fatigues entered the forest to cover up any evidence of the company’s involvement.


The team came face to face with the entire Hill Family, a bloody battle began and many were killed on both sides. In the end the professional training of the mercenaries gave them the edge and Jacob was shot and mortally wounded…


Unfortunately that is not where the story ended, Jacob injected himself with a pure form of the chemicals that had been stolen.


His body was mutated beyond anything that had been encounter before, a monstrosity. This abomination then attacked the strike team with extraordinary strength and resilience, the survivors of both sides fled from the battle.


In the 5 months since that encounter. No one has returned to Big Rock since and the current status of the Hill family is unknown.


However the drug similar to Bliss has recently appeared in neighbouring towns, someone has started producing another version of it, with less potent physical effects but equally addictive.


Something strange is happening in the forests around Big Rock, at night forest rangers have reportedly heard distant gunfire and screaming…


What has become of the hills? And Does the monster known as Jacob still lead them?


Find out in our next exciting game: The Fate of the Hill Family