Frontier Apocalypse 2018

Welcome to the world of Frontier Apocalypse, the airsoft roleplay game set in a dark future where the survivors of an apocalypse fight for wealth and power.



If you decide to attend this yearly game system you will take part as one of two groups of hardened prospectors, surviving in the wastelands and mining for the valuable material known as Centite.

You’ll face the dangers of rogue Bandit Raiders , Toxic Mutants and other Mining Gangs out to rob your claim and take your life…

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What Came Before…

The most powerful weapons in the world were unleashed, and the Earth was reduced to dust and ashes. Ruins of the old world still exist in isolated areas; grim reminders of that which The Event took away.

Some people survived. They used bunkers hastily built in the lead up the War. There they lived, cramped and squalid.

When they finally emerged into the light they found what little fertile land they could in the wastes, and they clung there together. They built shelters and began, slowly, to reinhabit the surface.

Over two hundred years had passed for the people sheltered in the bunkers. Children were born, grow up, grow old, die; generations move along. As the people began to emerge and reclaim the world above, they found that the ravaged and toxic land was overrun with bizarre, overgrown vegetation and hideous mutant creatures.

They began to spread out, establishing small townships and attempting to rebuild some form of society. As they did this, they discovered that there were others out in the world too. The descendants of survivors that remained outside the bunkers, now reduced to nothing more than primitive tribes as society and technology crumbled around them, and also, inevitably, survivors from other bunkers and shelters…

You are their descendants…

It’s now been forty years since the first of the bunkers opened, and an order of sorts has slowly begun to return. Trade routes have been opened between settlements, and Governments and political structures have started to appear; life has begun to find a way.

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Can you survive the Frontier Apocalypse?

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Frontier Township

Frontier Town, once nothing more than a handful of scavengers and miners camping together for protection, now boasts a Centite refinery, medical facility, armoury and bar nestled in strong walls, a haven for the wildcat prospectors and miners working the Centite fields.

Afer fighting off the advancing Federation of Fallum for many years, the independent miners and prospectors eventually united under one banner as the Miner’s Guild. The mysterious Riggers from the North became the main trading partners of Frontier Township, trading all the Centite that can be mined from the dangerous wastelands for food, ammo, essential supplies and occasionally technical knowledge and inventions. this allwoed the Guild to mount a significant defence against the Federation troops and ultimately made the extended conflict too costly from President Fallum. The Federation troops withdrew, leaving the Frontier Township in peace at last.

However, it didn’t last long. Now the town has new problems, the retreat of their common enemy resulted in the collapse of the Miners Guild into two large rivalling fractions and countless squabbling independent groups, each insistent that they had better ideas, more rights and more valid claims on the Centite than anyone else. The cut-throat days of when the town was established started to return, miners began robbing each other for the resources or best mining claims and the death toll rose rapidly.

In response to this the “Regulators” were formed, bringing Law and Order to Frontier Town and the surrounding Centite rich wastelands. They have their job cut out for them trying to keep the peace, and many help broker a new truce between the feuding mining groups.

Find out more about the Frontier Township, the history of the Mining Guild and the conflicts with the Federation of Fallum in the Frontier Apocalypse Handbook (PDF download)

Join the Miners as they forge new lives after the collapse of the Mining Guild

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The Federation of Fallum

President Martin Fallum, a descendant of a former US Marine Commander assigned to one of the better-stocked bunkers at the start of the war, leads the Federation as they strive to reclaim the blasted wildlands and restore order and safety.

When the time came to leave the bunker, the Federation entered the new world as a large private army. Equipped with a variety of weaponry from before the fall, the Federation effectively emerged as the most powerful force in the wastelands, even boasting some tanks and a helicopter which helped establish the Federation’s territory rapidly.

The fledgeling Federation absorbed many of the settlements they encountered as they explored the new world. Now, nearly twenty years later, the Federation of Fallum is almost entirely responsible for the safest and most prosperous group of settlements in the region. People in Federation territory are free to live happy safe lives from the threat of the murderous gangs and mutants that operate past its heavily guarded borders. The Federation also provides free education for children, free clinics and hospitals for its people, and even food distribution to those most impoverished. For most of the citizens of the Federation it is a blessing.

However this does not come without a price. “President” is a hereditary title and the Fallum dynasty has ruled since the sealing of the bunker over two hundred years ago. Martin Fallum rules with a fist of iron and his word is law. His armies will often take forced conscriptions from the civilian population, commandeer machinery and impose a tax on those under the Federations protection, all in the name of improving safety and maintaining the standard of living within Federation Borders.

When a town or settlement refuses indoctrination into the Federation, it often ends in conflict. To those outside the Federation’s borders, it is often referred to as a Dictatorship rather than a Government.

Find out more about the Federation of Fallum, the formation of the Federation and the conflicts with the rebellious Frontier Township in the Frontier Apocalypse Handbook (PDF download)

After the defeat of the Federation, can you help the miners return to glory?

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In any age of Humanity there are those that won’t, or can’t, fit into the structure of society. Not all of these people are bad, but inevitably most find themselves doing things to survive that most civilised people would find abhorrent or they die at the hands of the truly evil.

The absence of the Federation in the Centite mining fields around Frontier Township and the inability of the Miners Guild to maintain law and order across such a wide area has inevitably lead to the return, in force, of the Bandits.

These gangs of murderers, thieves and cut-throats have no allegiance to anyone, working in small packs, they take what they can like the vultures they are, preying on any one not strong enough to defend themselves. They gravitate to the (relative) riches offered by Frontier township, and every miner and prospector knows that behind any mutated plant, in any ditch, there might be bandits lying it wait.

Recently four Bandit Leaders have united their gangs together in to one large group known as the “Blood Raiders”, and have taken control of an area of land to the west of the wasteland boarder known as the Bad Lands. From this new base they make constant raids into Federation territory but have so far been held back from the town by the newly formed Regulators. However as bandit numbers grow, their ranks swelled by the promise of the huge riches offered by the isolated Frontier Township, it’s proving more and more difficult for the Regulators to mount a defence.

It is rumoured that the Bandit leaders that control the Blood Raiders may be former Federation Officers but so far this is unsubstantiated.

Find out more about the Bandits of the wastelands, life on the edge of civilisation and surviving in the mutant lands in the Frontier Apocalypse Handbook (PDF download)

Fight the Bandits! Don't let them destroy the hard-won Frontier Township!

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The Riggers

The Riggers are a mysterious cult-like society based in the far North. They originated from a small group of Survivalists who took over an Oil Rig and along with the rig workers they and their descendants rode out the apocalypse on the Rig.

Since they weren’t safely underground, the Riggers ancestors died young from the toxicity all around them, this means many generations have passed for their society, and although now that the fallout has lessened they are living longer, they are far more removed from the pre-apocalypse world than bunker-dwelling survivors have been. Their ideas about the world, their place in it, the causes of apocalypse and pretty much everything else can seem strange, bizarre or extreme to people who survived in the bunkers. Their ‘religion’ is laid out in The Manual, a book which the Riggers claim holds the knowledge of everything on Earth.

The Riggers witnessed the vast meteor showers that brought Centite to Earth, and folded the event into their religion. They believe that the Centite is the result of a war in the sky, and to them it has deep religious significance. For this reason they have spent generations studying it, buying it from other settler groups and collecting as much as possible. Because they spent generations on the oil rig maintaining it, they are excellent mechanics and inventors and were able to make use of the extraordinary properties of Centite. As a society they study the properties of Centite obsessively, and it forms the core of their technology as well as the main focus of their society and currency.

Very few Riggers have been seen in the “Southlands”. It takes many months through dangerous terrain to travel from their lands in the North and they’ve only just started exploring this far from their own borders, but what is clear is that they don’t concern themselves with the Federation-Miner conflict, they don’t seem interested in taking sides, all they care about is the Centite and spreading the cult of the Riggers.

Find out more about the the Riggers from the North and how they have shifted the power balance in the region through trade in the Frontier Apocalypse Handbook (PDF download)

The Riggers will buy all the Centite you can supply, help Frontier Town grow rich again!

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