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War Games 8: Stolen Technology 05/8/18

Sunday, 5th August 2018 08:00 – 17:00

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Total price £40. Pay 50% (£20) deposit now online when you book your ticket and 50% (£20) cash on the day. Your deposit reserves your Gun, ammo and facemask which will be given to you on the day along with training on how to use the equipment safely.

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We will not accept any Hire Gun booking where the deposit has not been paid.

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The Story

War Games 8 Stolen Technology

SPECON Units take only the best and brightest.

New recruits are trained vigorously, using a combination of war-games with Taser based weapons, and advanced Virtual reality simulations utilising holographic technology to give them first-hand experience on a wide verity of potential missions and battlefield strategies.

Before a cadet can graduate to one of the active SPECON Units, they must first attend the Fort Brag Training Facility for a minimum of 8 months, and finally face the qualifying exam. This final test is a series of War Games designed to test if the recruits have the relevant combat ability needed to survive in the field.

Cadets must be well versed in military tactics, techniques, and the various strategy that government, military, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies use to combat or prevent Global and local threats.

Despite a cyber-solider-warfare truce with Russia, Defence analyst has uncovered North Korea is now engaged in the theft of sensitive U.S. military technology.

Hacking over the years is one of the reasons China has been able to narrow the gap with the U.S. in advanced missiles, drone technology and even stealth aircraft.

North Korea is now allied with the Chinese, Making this threat even greater.

With leaked plans for the SPECON super solider project being sold onto the black market in 2016, several countries now scrabble to gain this technological edge in the wake.

President Kim Jong-un is hiring Chinese domestic tech firms to help the country’s military “to speed up” the application of advanced technology.

They have been targeting U.S. defence contractors, getting into their computer systems using cyber warfare and stealing the designs of some of America’s best military assets.

SPECON must now train its operators in tactics designed to counter this New Threat to World Order.

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