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The Christmas War – Part 3 8-12-19

Sunday, 8th December 2019 08:45 – 17:00

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Total price £40. Pay 50% (£20) deposit now online when you book your ticket and 50% (£20) cash on the day. Your deposit reserves your Gun, ammo and facemask which will be given to you on the day along with training on how to use the equipment safely.

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We will not accept any Hire Gun booking where the deposit has not been paid.

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The Story

It is the end of the year 2045, the world as it was is gone … now there is only the endless Christmas War.

During the 2020’s several large organisations were racing to be the first to combine stem-cell cloning and the height of robotic technology around an AI core to create artificial humans.

Although Military robots had been in service for decades, the majority of people had never warmed to the mechanical robots that worked in factories and patrolled the front lines.

This new generation of Simulants were intended to take the roles of people in low-pay-low-reward jobs. Front-facing organisations pre-ordered millions of units. These would become the backbone of the failing service industry, replacing janitors, receptionists, police officers, nurses, care workers and a range of other roles that were low-paid and earned little respect for actual humans.

As this new influx of technology reached the commercial sector, humans rejoiced as their lives were vastly improved as labour was taken over by the friendly machines. Disneyland and other tourist attractions could now bring popular characters to life as Simulants.

Soon children around the world could meet their heroes as walking, talking, real creations. Films and TV made extensive use of Simulants as extras and they completely replaced fantasy or alien characters which typically relied on CGI to bring to life.

The late 2030’s were a new Golden Age for the entire Entertainment industry. Long dead actors and recording artists were brought back to the stage and screen, every character imaginable from every franchise was given life as a Simulant.

However it was with the creation of the first robotic Santa (Sponsored by Coke-a-Cola) that things took a turn for the worse…

The idea was simple, build a robotic Santa Claus, His mission was to travel the world at Christmas time and reward children with presents (mostly Cola).

On November 29th there was an office party to celebrate the end of the new project, as a joke one of the interns (who had consumed too much Eggnog) added a directive to the new Santa Bot’s core code, it was a simple instruction, and the intern felt it would add ‘authenticity’…

“Write a list of everyone on a bit of paper. Decide who is naughty and who is nice. Give gifts appropriately”.

Once activated the Santa Bot immediately set about creating its list. The AI quickly calculated that it couldn’t get enough paper to write a list of every name without destabilizing the foundations of the building it was working in, so it simplified the list. It wrote one word. Humanity. To this one name, it applied the directive, scanning the entirety of Human history and mining the internet to guide the decision.

Santa decided that humanity had been very naughty.

The Santa Bot decided it would give humanity the gift of Peace. Lasting, ultimate Peace. Forever. It decided this gift would be appropriate for every Naughty Human.

It cracked the encryption of the military databases around the world and routed it’s new instructions into the core coding of every military drone and instructed them to deliver his Gift to Humanity.

On December the 2nd 2035, Santa’s Little Helpers, the new ID broadcast by all military drones around the world, dropped the first bombs and millions died. By nightfall civilian robots and Simulants from the massive entertainment industry had joined Santa and were going door-to-door, making sure that every human was finally at lasting peace.

The world was swept into a global battle against the machines as more and more of the AI left the humans they were built to serve and joined the Christmas War.

Now the world is a broken warzone, all major cities have been decimated, the last human survivors are living in underground bases and trying to fight back against the army of synthetics that now control the surface.

The AI core is located at the North Pole, where a fusion-powered mega-factory churns out new drones and weapons of war all year round.

The Robot Santa is was still out there, his mission remains the same. He brings the gift of final Peace to all of Humanity.

He led the armies of the former Hollywood robots and the synthetic human replicants that had been used as actors ageist there masters.

The human resistance though that the destruction of Santa would be the key, if his could be reprogrammed, if the directive can be erased, and he could connect to The AI Core then they could shut down the machines for good.

Unfortunately that was not the case, with robot Santa was captured and reprogrammed, but in doing so lost all connection to the AI Core.

He now fights for the humans against an even greater threat….

With the loss of its figure head in the fight against the humans, a new champion would be needed for the machines…

The AI Core searched its database for the most evil figure in human history.

So began The Rise of Skeletor

Join the survivors (or the robot army) for our last shoot of 2019 and our Christmas special Game – “The Christmas War pt3 “The Rise of Skeletor“


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