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The Story

A meteorite was uncovered in Africa at the end of 2012.

Inside the rock was an Alien Virus…

Long dormant, the virus infected any living tissue upon contact.

The effects of the virus range from massive cellular and genetic mutation (eventually turning the host into one of the Aliens) to basic infection that rendered the carrier a slave drone to the Alien hierarchy.

SPECON command deduced the following information:

1) The infected, in the final stage of the mutation (known as Elders) no longer resemble the host, enhanced both physically and mentally, they are effectively a new Alien life form.

2) Elders can heal very rapidly and SPECON agents reported seeing gunshot wounds healing in seconds during conflicts.

3) The Elders appeared to retain all of the original host memories, but motor function and higher thoughts are now entirely under the control of the sentient virus.

4) The Virus modifies areas of the human brain on a genetic level to allow a psychic connection between themselves and lesser infected human workers (known as Drones).

5) The Drones are still human in appearance, those who have been touched by the an Elder for only a few moments, this allows the virus to lay dormant in the brain.

The only sign of this initial infection are tiny genetic alterations made to the host’s brain allowing psychic commands from the Elders to be received, making them the perfect sleeper agents.

The Motives of these dangerous and infected individuals were uncovered by SPECON, The infected were stealing components for constructing a machine for the Alien masters.

This machine would have been able to infect everyone on the planet, allowing the Aliens to colonize the Earth.

SPECON had only one chance to stop them and destroy the machine before it could be used…

The Mission succeeded, and the Alien forces (now known as Soldiers of Anarchy) were defeated at last.

SPECON had prevailed.

However, despite being massively weakened and their leaders either being killed or captured, some of the infected Drones did escape….

Recently evidence became apparent that one of the Elders was also still out there…

SPECON launched an assault against the Aliens, but the Elder was able to escape during the conflict.

Over a year later SPECON managed to track down the Elder , the Agents raided the compound the Aliens were using as a base.

Unfortunate they encountered a large force of infected drones created by the Elder.

More terrifyingly Elder had begun the process of creating more of the leadership cast from the infected drones.

Three more infected had been transformed into Elders (a process that takes several months of continued contact) , and as the Agents attacked the base, the now four Elders tried to make their escape.

Only one of the alien leaders was able to be captured during the assault.

There were still three missing, including the original , and SPECON command began hunting them down one by one.

It seems each of the alien leaders had separated to avoid the risk of all three being captured or killed together.

Eventually one was located by the intelligence network, operating out of a tribal village in Nigeria, it was hunted down and destroyed by the Agents long with its army of infected followers.

Now SPECON’s intelligence network has located another of the Elders.

This time The Alien leader is hiding in the mountainous regions of the Russia / China boarder.

What is even more disturbing, the reports suggest that they have made first contact with the Russians and are trying to form an alliance in exchange for Alien technology.

A Russian special forces team are reportedly preparing to cross the boarder into China covertly, with the objective to meet with the Elder and discuss terms.

SPECON must prevent this meeting and destroy the aliens at all cost, Russian troops must be stopped from making contact with extraterrestrials and brokering an exchange of alien technology for asylum in Russia.

Such an alliance would lead to war and ultimately a threat of all Earth’s civilization being eliminated by the aliens.

SPECON has a classified aircraft that can penetrate both Russian and Chinese radar, allowing paratroopers to be deployed along the border undetected.

The Agents know that even if they are successful, they will still face the dangerous task of escaping back to allied countries over the respected boarders.

However, this threat out ways all risks, as the fate of the world now hangs in the balance.

Will the Agents be successful?  Or will SPECON now face a greater threat than ever before!

Find out in our next exciting game: Alien Alliance

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