Sunday, 5th November 2023 08:30 – 16:00

Hire Gun Package Details:

Total price £45. Full payment required with your booking to reserve your Gun, ammo and facemask which will be given to you on the day along with training on how to use the equipment safely before the game commences.

Please note:

We will not accept any Hire Gun booking where the FULL price has not been paid.

Site Rules & COVID-19 Safety:

Please be sure that you have read our site rules and our COVID-19 Safety Precautions and requirements before booking.

The Story

Disillusioned General Guy Forklen and his second-in-command have led a rogue group of SPECON Agents against a heavily guarded weapons depot and has stolen a stockpile of seven VX gas-loaded M55 rockets.

General Forklen has contacted SPECON Command and the Pentagon, and is threatening to launch the rockets against Washington, unless the U.S. government pays him $500 million from a secret military slush fund.

He intends to distribute the ransom to his men and the families of SPECON agents who have died on covert missions under his command, but whose deaths were not compensated or acknowledge due to the black ops status of the missions they undertook.

SPECON Command have been able to locate the source of the communications from the General to Gifford Pinchot National Forest.

The General is no fool and has warned that should SPECON launch a counter offensive against him, his group will launch the seized M55 rockets armed with V.X. poison gas canisters at the city.

The National Forest is the ideal landscape for a defensive position, the mountains would allow spotters to detect any kind of air support SPECON could deploy, and at over a million acres even locating the portable launch sites without eyes in the sky is a huge task.

With the clock ticking down to meet the Generals demands, time is of the essence.

Several small ground teams of SPECON Recon Specialists have been deployed across the Forest, each group with a pre-determined area to investigate, and the military hardware to jam radio communications within a 5 mile radius should they do so.

Should a team locate a launch site they are to report in and wait for orders to attack, only once all the missiles are accounted for, will a coordinated strike be initiated.

Radio jamming of all the launch sites will cut communication between the enemy, and each team will be responsible for securing the stolen ordnance at their location as well as neutralizing any hostiles in the area.

Should any of the teams fail in their mission and a single missile be launched, then the lives of millions could be lost….

Play your part it this story as either a SPECON Recon Agent, or one of the corrupt Generals troops in our next exciting game: Traitors and Treason

Be sure to read the Terms and Conditions and our information on our COVID-19 Safety Precautions and requirements before booking your game.