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The Story

Humanitarian aid workers belonging to United Nations organisations, PVOs / NGOs or the Red Cross / Red Crescent have traditionally enjoyed both international legal protection, and de facto immunity from attack by belligerent parties.

However, attacks on humanitarian workers has occasionally occurred, and became more frequent in recent years.

This is attributed to a number of factors, including the increasing number of humanitarian workers deployed, the increasingly unstable environments in which they work, and the erosion of the perception of neutrality and independence of danger zones they are deployed to.

Africa being one of the most dangerous areas for potential hazards, with the recent war in Uganda, and the out-laying areas law enforcement hopelessly disabled by the fighting, it was seen as impossible to cross the border to Uganda until the war ended.

The Warlord Ugatu, had hidden a rise in plague within Uganda from the western media, a plague that was left unchecked had run rampant among the population during the war.

However, a larger threat than plague in Uganda comes from the A.L.A.

The A.L.A, was the official army of Ugatu, and was comprised mainly from independent street gangs of criminals loyal to the warlord.

The gangs did not simple lay down arms with the surrender of the capital and exile of their leader.

Instead the gangs reverted to their previous trade of hostage taking, thievery, drug smuggling and human trafficking – to make matter worse they are now armed with military grade weaponry and equipment.

A military coalition led by China, began conducting airstrikes against rebel positions, but two months of bombing have done little to push back the rebel forces who are now active deep within the jungles were civilian villages and a thick canopy prevent airstrikes..

The operation was re structured, and Chinese peacekeeper forces were instructed to engage the enemy in ground-level assaults in the jungles.

As these gangs come under attack from the peacekeeper forces, they have recently been kidnapping aid workers in retaliation.

As the Plague continues to run rampant, the A.L.A are constantly under attack from the peacekeepers.

With dwindling medical supplies, the former A.L.A gangs are constantly looking for opportunities to take hostages who can treat there wounded or sick fighters.

Often targeting medical teams, who they see as hostile invaders to their rightful lands.

In the last few weeks the plague had been contained within Uganda’s cities , A task force having managed to quell the outbreaks there.

If diagnosed early, The Ugandan plague can be treated with antibiotics and the spread of the illness stopped.

There is now a vastly reduced risk of a rapid spread of the disease outside of the boarders of Uganda.

To eradicate the threat entirely, troops and aid workers needed to reach several of the smaller villages deep within the jungles where the A.L.A rebels operate.

Even with armed escorts of peacekeeper troops, travel to these regions is extremely dangerous.

Three days previously, a convoy of troops and medical staff were ambushed while trying to reach the village of Yiraia.

Satellite intelligence shows the convoy was attacked and several medical personnel taken by the aggressors.

The rest of the soldiers were K.I.A during the attack.

No group has so far claimed responsibility for the killings but the attack was in an area with a large A.L.A presence.

It is now imperative that the Peacekeeper forces launch a counter attack and rescue mission into the hostile territory.

Will those taken prisoner be rescued or is it already too late?

Will the technical and tactical might of the Peacekeeper forces be able to match the aggression of the heavily armed criminals operating in their own territory?

Find out in our next exciting game: Medical Intervention

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