Sunday, 30th July 2023 08:30 – 16:00

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The Story

The Templada Cartel had taken over Bolivia turning it into a Narco State, the countries own government and military forces were on the payroll and turned a blind eye to their operations.

SPECON agents tried and failed to take them down during a series of covert operations in 2021, and were eventually forced to stop all activity and flee the country when an unknown leak from within SPECONs own ranks betrayed the identities of the undercover agents to the cartel.

Over a year later the Templada flourished. With no opposition left in play they had tightened their grip on the country and had become one of the largest drug cartels on the planet.

However, things took an unexpected turn, a new Cartel had begun to launch a series of attacks against them.

An all-out cartel war erupted in Bolivia and the death toll skyrocketed, including many civilians who were caught in the crossfire.

The corrupt government had only so much tolerance for such public violence, and reluctantly granted access to SPECON agents once again, permitting them to launch covert operations within the country.

A small group of undercover agents, led by Commander Adah Weissman, began a series of coordinated attacks against both cartels.

The identities of the agents were known only to the Commander herself.

This time they were truly on their own, no back up at all except for encrypted messages from the Commander.

Their mission was simple, take down both warring Cartels at any cost…

After months of fighting the agents were successful.

Cocaine production sites were destroyed and the hierarchy of the cartel’s leaderships torn apart through assassination of the high-ranking lieutenants.

The other cartel, a group known as the Predators, was also hunted down and destroyed either by direct assault or by counterintelligence, leading both groups against each other further weakening both sides.

Finally, by deceiving a corrupt military official into thinking his family had been murdered by the Templada cartels rivals, they were able turn him and gain information that would lead them to the hiding place of the Cartel leadership.

However, during the final assault, the agents raided the secret compound and waiting for them was the cartels second in command El Scorpion, he had planned an ambush and a brutal gunbattle ensued.

The Agents managed to defeat the Scorpion and destroy the final bastion of the cartel’s footprint in Bolivia once and for all.

The Templada Cartel was no more….

But what of the Cartels actual leader and the fortune in drug money he had taken from his time in Bolivia?

Not a trace was found and nothing has been heard of his whereabouts for over a year, SPECON began to wonder if he was merely an illusion, a fabrication created by the Scorpion to protect himself from possible assassinations.

That was until now….

Recent intelligence has led to the south American jungles of Brazil.

The report states that a man calling himself “El Ultimo” has been building an army of mercenaries with the intention of starting a new Cartel.

He has a vast fortune in gold, cash and drugs.

He is leveraging this to obtain the protection he needs, and as the base to rebuild his criminal empire.

His description fits that of the infamous Templada leader, and he had shown up in Brazil shortly after the final battle with the Scorpion…

SPECON high command have chosen at this time, not follow up on this report, and it considers the Templada defeated.

Commander Weissman however, does not like lose ends, and without the backing of SPECON she has reformed the team of agents once again.

Completely off the books, and with very little logistical assistance, the team of agents now head to Brazil.

There only objective is to finish what they started last year, and to put an end to the Templada for good.

Will they be successful? Find out in our next exciting game: UNFINISHED BUSINESS – A Narco Road Story

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