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Total price £45. Full payment required with your booking to reserve your Gun, ammo and facemask which will be given to you on the day along with training on how to use the equipment safely before the game commences.

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We will not accept any Hire Gun booking where the FULL price has not been paid.

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The Story

Since the fall of the former Warlord Ugatu, Uganda has made a pact with China.

In exchange for exclusive gold and mineral mining rights within the Country, they have agreed to become the Uganda’s military ally and provide forces to replace its devastated military that was almost entirely wiped out during the uprising.

The region is still involved in heavy rebel activity, the war rages on as the last remnants of the Tyrants forces are slowly rounded up by the Chinese-Uganda coalition of peacekeeping forces.

Violence and guerrilla attacks are taking place daily against the Chinese military personnel from the former warlord’s troops.

Even with the Warlord Ugatu gone, his former commanders have split the force into several rival gangs.

These gangs now fight each other as well as the Chinese military for control of territory, and now the entire region is a war zone.

With the crisis escalating daily, a high priority for the peace keeping coalition is protecting innocent civilians, as well as valuable mining and logging sites located in the region controlled by the gangs.

Even with the dangers associated with that region, the Chinese military has been determined in its efforts to take down these Commanders and the gangs they control.

a Military Operation was launched into the heart of rebel controlled territory.

Unfortunately because of the nature of the area, and the fact the rebels are using portable military grade anti-aircraft weapons, the only way to reach the area is via jungle paths and barely accessible dirt roads on foot.

Airstrikes are out of the question, as several small villages have been taken over by the rebels, and hostages are kept at all the bases they control to prevent missile attacks.

However, there may something even more sinister going on the in that region as well …


Rumours from villages rescued in that area, speak of a demon that only appears in the hottest months of the year, killing and mutilating people who encounter it.


A mission was launched and ended very badly.

No one made it back alive, and reports via radio were difficult to understand.

They suggested that the team engaged the rebels as planned, but also came under attack from an unidentified creature.

Contact was then lost.

Chinese high ranking military officials subsequently arrived in Uganda to monitor further operations first hand, with them were several scientists.

Soldiers were once again sent in, unaware of the former team’s fate.


Only a single solider made it back, his account told of a creature of Alien origin that was hunting the jungle, appearing from nowhere like a ghost it attacked the peacekeepers and rebels indiscriminately.


Now as the temperatures increase in the area the Chinese government plans to send in another team.


This time the troops are to be sent in with the objective of capturing or killing this creature.

The Peacekeepers will need to enter the Rebel control territory to conduct the search, and as such must also be prepared to engage with those hostile forces active in the region.


It will not be easy, but they are to deploy several devices in the jungle that should allow them to locate the Alien and have been equipped with heavy weapons that the scientists believe should be effective against this threat.

Find out the outcome of the mission in our next exciting game: Monster Hunters

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