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The Story

What is known so far…

Four months ago a raid was carried out on a secret safe house in Germany, SPECON security forces were over run and a safe containing classified artefacts was taken by unknown assailants.


SPECON are now searching for these missing artefacts,  they have established through several illegal hacks that the thieves were a criminal organisation known as “The Firm” who were unwittingly hired to take the safe.

This group of professional thieves were unaware of its contents.


SPECON have kept all information retaining to this investigation highly classified, hinting that sensitive technologies were covertly held at the location.


What was known to only a few…

Only Usrekistahn President-elect Olaf Abakumov, and a few high ranking SPECON Officials knew what was really in that safe…


12 years ago when Usrekistahn separated from Russia, General Saiem had ransacked several Russian vaults during the border disputes and the reclamation of land that followed the split.


Inside the secret vaults lay technology sealed up from WW2.


During the Nazi rise to power, Hitler had been obsessed with the occult and a secret arms race of a sort had existed between all the super powers. The goal was to develop any potential weapons from any supernatural means.


The Russians had their own division known as the Department for Paranormal Sciences, under the command of Ninel Sergeyvna Kulagin.


The Department studied any and all paranormal anomalies.


Research and development were conducted in the secret vaults, and many were sealed and forgotten about after the end of the war.


One of these vaults was opened by General Saiem, it held three artefacts of unknown origin.


These artefacts were known as the Кубики тессеракта or Tesseract cubes.


Each had a different property; the Red Cube could produce unlimited energy (and was used to power the Vault it was hidden in) the Green Cube could be used to glimpse visions of the future when touched (however those that use the cube usually died of brain tumours within days) and the final blue cube was more sinister still…


The Blue cube was seen as a gateway, or portal to another realm or dimension, those who came into contact with it where changed.


Within hours of physical interaction, the test subjects became hosts for creatures from another dimension, their bodies would become mutated and deformed the longer they held the cube, and their minds would be taken over by the entities that used the cube as a portal.


The minds of the subjects were now under the control of the creatures that possessed them.


These entities were incredibly malevolent, and all of the test subjects used as “hosts” had to be destroyed shortly after creation.


The Cubes were found after Saiems exile, along with all the records of the experimentation that lead to the discovery of each cubes function.


Hidden away in the Usrekistahn Presidential Palace, they had not been discovered by SPECON during the annexation of the former warlord.


It was months after President-elect Olaf Abakumov took office, that he was alerted to their discovery by his staff.


Security protocols and safety procedures had been put in place to secure them, the Cubes were being transported by land to a newly built underground vault hundreds of miles from the nearest population centre.


Here they would be safely and secretly contained and studied.


However, the cubes never made it to their destination…


The convoy lost contact, and the retrieval team sent to investigate never returned, the mutilated corpses found hours later by a second team.


The cubes were gone… and so where the original soldiers sent to escort them.


The soldiers had been M.I.A for seven months, finally in desperation … the President-elect contacted SPECON for assistance


SPECON Intelligence agents finally tracked down missing troops, who had formed a cult that was operating out of an abandoned church near an isolated rural village in the Usrekistahn mountains.


SPECON Special Forces assaulted the village, heavily armed and under strict instructions to bring back the Cubes at all costs.


After a pitched battle the cubes were recaptured and the cultists destroyed.


It was decided by SPECON Command that the existence of this technology could not be allowed to be known to the world at large.


Knowledge of the Cube’s existence may lead to governments seeking to control them, and if they  were ever to fall into the wrong hands, untold dangers would be unleashed on the world once again.


They were locked away at 3 separate locations in 3 separate countries, and even those appointed to guard them would have no clue to what it was they were protecting.


And so, for the past eight years the Cubes have remained in the three hiding places never to see the light of day again.


Until four months ago…


After the robbery at the German safe house one of the Cubes is still missing, and SPECON are once again desperately searching to find it.


Though their advanced global spy network, they uncovered another cult forming in the German Black Forest.


A German military outpost on the edge of the Black Forest was attacked by unknown forces, and weapons and ammunition from stockpiles stored there were ransacked.


No call for aid was made from the outpost, suggesting either the cultists had overpowered the 100 plus soldiers stationed at the outpost before they could raise the alarm and call for aid…

The bodies of some of the solders and staff were found mutilated and displayed in a grotesque fashion.


Fortunately, because of the remote location of the outpost, SPECON were able to keep this information from the media.


The Black Forest was closed to the public for one week under the guise of a military training exercises taking place.


A SPECON strike team from R.A.I.D* were sent in, tasked with tracking down the Cult.


Unfortunately, they encountered large force of cultists armed with military weapons , many of the former outpost troops had now also been added to the ranks of those possessed by cubes touch.

The strike team was overwhelmed and only a few agents managed to escape.


Further drone reconnaissance was sent in, but it was unable to locate the cultists or the cube.


The whole incident was covered up, families were told that the missing troops had died due to a localised radiation leak from a prototype weapon.


A weapon the troops at the outpost had been testing during the exercise.


All were closed casket funerals.


Its now been several months since the cults complete disappearance, and investigators are still working round the clock to uncover the location of the cube or the cult.


So far nothing has come of any lead, the cult seems to have completely disappeared.


Finally after over four months, there is a development in the investigation, and this information points to a rural village in Slovakia.


Agents in Europe have recently uncovered information that the whole population of the village were missing save 5 mutilated  corpses displayed in a grotesque manner in middle of the village square.


Fortunately for SPECON the village was very isolated, and the only witness to the gross display was a visiting relative of one of the families.


This man and the Local police officers, who he reported it to, have been forced to sign none disclosure agreements under threat of life imprisonment.


And now a second R.A.I.D strike team are to be sent in to investigate the forests around the Slovakian village.


The group will proceed on foot , the cult displayed an almost supernatural ability to escape in Germany, so it has been deemed too risky to send in a large force with airsupport.


Such a force would be detected from a mile away.


Instead, a group of highly trained recognisance troops will entre the area and proceed to investigate covertly.


With them will be one of the five legendary Future Soldiers.


Brainchild of Professor Benjamin Gould and Kenneth Jones Bennedict ( CEO of Coroli Corporation, Inventor, designer and Millionaire Playboy).


The Future Solders were a combination of sentient intelligence, Nanobot technology and micro-fusion power, used in conjunction with human mind.


Five military personnel were selected, survivors of a horrendous chemical weapon attack.


Effectively braindead, they were deemed to only be “alive” due to medical assistance they were receiving from machines.


The five underwent the procedure, and after only a year, completed the final stages of their rehabilitation and training.


Robotic exo skeletons replaced deformed bones and damaged organs, cybernetic nanobots linked directly to the brain healed its damaged cells, and now with enhanced hearing , sight and strength they were a masterpiece of medical and engineering technology.


They are super soldiers, capable of far more than ordinary humans.


The only downside …. The part of power source required to bring them to life is slowly killing the brains inside , and as such they are kept in a state of cryogenic suspension when not on mission.

Rarely are the Future Soldiers activated, only in times of dire need.


Times like this…..


It is believed that the artificial body that houses the brain of the future solder will render them immune to the effects of the cube.

The strike team will locate the cult and engage , if the cube is located during the battle, then they will use the Cyborg to capture it.


Will the mission be successful? , or will the cult simply vanish again?

Find out in our next exciting game – The Cult of Chaos: Revenge


*Rapid Action Incident Deployment (R.A.I.D)

Formed in mid-2011 under the highest secrecy levels afforded by SPECON and contributing counties, R.A.I.D units are intended to address the “non-standard” assignments that are cropping up across the world in increasing numbers

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