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Southern Hospitality 1-3-20

Sunday, 1st March 2020 08:30 – 16:00

Hire Gun Package Details:

Total price £40. Pay 50% (£20) deposit now online when you book your ticket and 50% (£20) cash on the day. Your deposit reserves your Gun, ammo and facemask which will be given to you on the day along with training on how to use the equipment safely.

Please note:

We will not accept any Hire Gun booking where the deposit has not been paid.

Site Rules:

Please be sure that you have read our site rules before booking.

The Story

A squad of Louisiana Army National Guard soldiers had convened in a local bayou in the forest for weekend manoeuvres.

New to the squad was Corporal Owen, a cynical transfer from the Texas Army National Guard.

The groups of soldiers set out on a training exercise, each is given a patrol route to follow through the woods and swamp.

As the troops assigned with Corporal Owen tried to navigate the unfamiliar terrain things began to go wrong.

after several hours marching they became hopelessly lost in the swamps, eventually discovering  a seemingly-abandoned camp site with several small boats and a stock pile of live ammo of varying sizes.

After consulting the maps once again, they decided to commandeer the boats in order to travel to the opposite side of the river where they believed was the correct route.

Also taking the ammo encase they must resort to hunting when the rations run out.

As they set out across the bayou, a group of Hill Billy hunter-trappers returned and began to yell insults at the soldiers for having taken their boats.

Rather than apologise to the rednecks,  Corporal Owen fired off a burst of machine gun fire towards the men sending them scattering for the trees.

Although loaded with blanks, this action is what sealed the squads fate, the men on the shore don’t take kindly to the act

As the troops continued across the river the group of Hill Billy’s gathered again on the shoreline this time in silence, their numbers were also much greater.

The soldiers feeling increasingly threatened by the new arrivals, began to row desperately to the other side of the swamp.

Suddenly a shot is fired and Poole (the squads radio operator) slumped over the edge of the boat, his head popped open from a rifle round,

The shock of this then sent the weekend warriors into panic mode, and into the water to avoid further fire.

As they desperately swam for the shore line, several more shots downed three more of their number.

With communications equipment lost to the water,  stranded deep in the Louisiana bayou, the Guardsmen must now try to find their way home.

As they move out they can hear the barking of tracking dogs, the Guardsmen must assume they belong to the Hill Billy’s who are now stalking the soldiers because of Owen’s actions.

Will they make their escape ? or will the Hill Billy’s murder them all?

Find out in our next game:  Southern Hospitality

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