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The Story

2022 SEASON 2 – Narco Road: The Cartel War

The Cartel known as The Templada have taken over Bolivia turning it into a narco state,  the countries own Government and military forces are on the payroll and turn a blind eye to their operations , SPECON agents tried and failed to take them down during a series of covert operations in  2021, and were eventually forced to stop all activity and flee the country, when an unknown leak from within SPECONs own ranks betrayed the identities of the undercover agents to the cartel.

Now a year later the Templada flourishes, with no opposition left in play they have tightened their grip on the country, and are now one of the largest drug cartels on the planet.

However things have taken an unexpected turn, a new Cartel known as “The Predators”* has begun to launch a series of attacks against them.

An all-out cartel war has erupted in Bolivia and the body tole is high including many civilians caught in the cross fire, the corrupt government has only so much tolerance for such public violence and has since granted access to SPECON agents once again, permitting them in secret to launch covert operations within the country.

This time must be different, a small group lead by Field Operations Commander Adah Weissman are to be the only ones briefed on this mission.

A handpicked team that will once again go against the cartels in Bolivia , their identities to remain know only to the Commander herself.

This time they will truly be on their own, no back up at all except for encrypted messages from the Commander.

Their mission is simple, take down both waring Cartels at any cost……


The Templada Cartel was recently dealt a serious blow when an major underground cocaine production lab was destroyed by the Agents.

Two of the Cartels top Chemists were also eliminated during this operation , drug production has been halted temporarily.

The source of the information came from a whistle blower from the corrupt Bolivian Government, a Minister who is currently on the Templada’s payroll.

In another recent mission the Agents were able to covertly kidnap several family members of the Government Minister in question.

They have been taken out of the country covertly and are now being held in a safe house over the border.

The Minister however, believes they were murdered by the Template’s rivals in the ongoing war between the two Cartels.

Stricken with grief, He is now aiding the Agents to bring down the Templada by providing key information on locations of the high ranking members.

Due to ongoing war with the Predator Cartel , many of the Templada’s leadership has moved to secure military compounds deep in the Bolivian jungle for protection.

Here surrounded by armed military guards they are able to remain hidden from there enemies.

However this protection comes at a price.

A corrupt Military Commander known as Salazar, is currently hiding one of the Templada’s leaders, and has demanded several million dollars for such protection.

The individual who is being safe guarded at the compound is one of the Templada’s top men , known as “El Scorpion” , the target is second in command to the Cartels leadership.

The Minister has uncovered and provided intel to the Agents about where and when the transfer of the cash to the jungle military compound is due to go down.

The plan is twofold, firstly the Agents will aim to take out both the corrupt Military Commander and the Cartel leader during the attack.

Secondly they will aim to capture the money that was to be his payment.

Thus the plan aims to make the whole operation look like a further attack from the Templada’s rivals the Predator Cartel.

It is believed that this could be the tipping point that will make the Bolivian Government cut ties with the Templada, if the war spills over to include those protecting the Cartel, then they will be hard pressed to find allies.

However for the plan to succeed , then all the corrupt military personal and Cartel members stationed at the compound must fully believe the agents are actually the rival Cartels members.

And “El Scorpion” and the corrupt Military Commander protecting him must be very brutally executed during the attack, as the Predator Cartel are known for making bloody examples of their enemies.

Should this mission succeed , then it is hoped that the risk of associating with the Templada during this conflict with the Predators will become too great for the corrupt Government to continue its alliance… and losing that support would be fatal for the Templada at a time where it is desperately seeking to re-establish its cocaine production.

*The Cartel are known as “The Predators”, formally the Salamanca Cartel operating out of Mexico.

When their boss was assassinated by federal agents , the cartel reformed under new leadership and fled Mexico before they could be brought to justice.

Left without a home or supply chain, they used the knowledge gained from there former position to launch attacks on their rivals , stealing what they needed to re-arm and refinance.

Thus earning themselves the name “The Predators”.

with no alliance to anyone they are becoming increasingly dangerous and constantly moving from country to country, launching brutal all out attacks on the infrastructure of any rival cartel or crime syndicate.

They will literally steal any amount of product or cash a cartel has in its possession, and by murdering its leaders destabilise the operations until it is wiped out completely.

When the bones are picked clean, they move on, using the wealth gained to attack larger more lucrative targets.

A situation that has led to them becoming increasingly powerful and harder for authorities to trace.

Removing cartels in itself would actually be beneficial to none corrupt government authorities, if the predators did not also leave a massive wake of civilian casualties during this process.

And since they are financed with blood money and stolen drugs,  the problem dose not really go away, rather it becomes an international  threat.

its seems there latest target is Bolivia and ” the Templada” Cartel.

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