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Predator and Prey 6/8/17

Sunday, 6th August 2017 08:00 – 17:00

Hire Gun Package Details:

Total price £40. Pay 50% (£20) deposit now online when you book your ticket and 50% (£20) cash on the day. Your deposit reserves your Gun, ammo and facemask which will be given to you on the day along with training on how to use the equipment safely.

Please note:

We will not accept any Hire Gun booking where the deposit has not been paid.

Site Rules:

Please be sure that you have read our site rules before booking.

The Story

Protekorp International

Producer of microchips, fabric, food, clothing lines, consumer goods, vehicles, pharmaceuticals, weapons and everything in-between.

It has been said that if you strip down any single item in your home to bare components, you are guaranteed to find that at least one or more parts are manufactured by Protekorp or one of its many subsidiaries.

In recent years however it has been Protekorp’s non-commercial sectors that have extensively grown.

During the 2011 – 2012 war known as the Shadow Conflict, Protekorp expanded its wide ranging contracts with the U.S. Military to develop weapons, equipment and vehicles for the new generation of present day armed conflicts.

In 2015 Protekorp became the sole contractor for Military defence in the United States and SPECON*.

Although Stock Market figures still report a vast income from commercial sector, according to the data, Protekorp now makes most of its money from Military Contracts.

It has countless office buildings and factories across the globe, as well as mineral mining operations worldwide.

It also has an ever growing number of secret research facilities and underground bunker laboratories known as the “black sites”, exclusively used for Top Secret and often illegal R&D.

These secret research facilities were created help develop various weapons for SPECON, it is rumoured that some of this research also reaches the black market.

One of these sites was located in Uganda (Black site DV-426).

The underground research station was located a mile from Ikatawa village. Its main purpose was to study certain “jungle anomalies” reported during the conflict in 2012.

The research was abandoned along with the station when the boarders were closed and a Chinese military presence moved in to supplement Uganda’s depleted army.

The research data and all samples had to be abandoned in the hasty evacuation, the lan was locked down and the inventory put into cold storage…

Recently Chinese Military forces (who are now allies of the Ugandans) uncovered the location of the Lab, Satellites picked up images of a research team and armed escort at the surface location.

This information was passed though Protekorps many spy channels, and within hours arrived at the Directors desk.

One of Protekorp top assets is a highly trained and secretive security force.

Composed of mostly Mercenaries, war criminals and exiled soldiers, it is capable of defence, rescue and reconnaissance paramilitary operations.
The corporation also uses this private army to secure and protect its assets in volatile areas and countries as well as extract high-profile employees should the need arrive.

It is rumoured the Security force have also been responsible for several acts of illegal corporate espionage in recent years, however not evidence has been brought forward to validate these claims.

It was this asset the director choose to utilise…

Since the fall of the former Warlord Ugatu, Uganda has made a pact with China.

In exchange for exclusive gold and mineral mining rights within the country they have agreed to become the country’s military ally and provide forces to replace the devastated Ugandan military that was almost entirely wiped out during the uprising.

Uganda was, and still is, still under a restricted assess quarantine to most countries in the world.

The region is still involved in heavy rebel activity as the last remnants of the Tyrants forces are rounded up by the Chinese-Uganda coalition of peacekeeping forces.

With all the violence and guerrilla attacks taking place no one would suspect anything but a rebel attack should the need arise to “remove” the Chinese military personnel…

Getting into the country was not a problem, Protekorp has many black market contacts still operating in Uganda and safe passage over the boarder was easily arranged for the Security Force.

The first team sent however were unsuccessful.

Upon making contact with the Chinese forces it became apparent they had already breached the Lab.

Several artefacts had already been removed to the surface, and as such the Security force moved in to retrieve them.

During this conflict both sides were attacked by an unidentified assailant, there were heavy casualties with almost all of the combatants killed.

Only one man from the security team made it out alive, upon returning to the safe house he called in his report.

From this report it has been concluded that a Xenomorph may have been involved in the attack.

It is now several hours later…

While the presence of an Alien may seem incredible, the Director knew all too well what they were studying at site DV-426 before the evacuation, and if the lab was breached this outcome may have been inevitable…

With little time to dwell, a second strike team was mobilised and instructed to return to the site and are currently on their way.

Undoubtedly the Chinese-Ugandan army will also be sending forces to uncover the sudden disappearance of one of its patrols.

This creature must not fall into the hands of the enemy, nor must the technology that was secured in the Lab be allowed to be taken by the Chinese Government.

Last time the Security forces were ill equipped, this time they are prepared for the fight ahead.

Find out the outcome and take part in this story line at our next exciting game: Predator and Prey