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Hire Gun Package Details:

Total price £45. Full payment required with your booking to reserve your Gun, ammo and facemask which will be given to you on the day along with training on how to use the equipment safely before the game commences.

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We will not accept any Hire Gun booking where the FULL price has not been paid.

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The Story

During the end of the 2012 war with Usrekistahn known as the “Shadow Conflict” in western media, the main combat division of the SPECON active units was almost wiped out to a man when General Saiem unleashed a biological weapon during the attack on his capital city and military base.

In 2013 the unit was officially disbanded and the veterans given full pensions and if they wanted, re-hired as recruit trainers at SPECON command.

The survivors who were not critically wounded, suffered many side effects from the chemicals such as: sterilisation, blindness, disfigurement and cellular mutation as well as psychological trauma, sadly these were the lucky ones.

The most unfortunate were disfigured beyond help by cosmetic surgeries, their bodies had been changed on a genetic level and drastic measures were called for to even keep them alive…

Two men were called upon: Professor Benjamin Gould and Kenneth Jones Bennedict – CEO of Coroli Corporation, Inventor, designer and Millionaire Playboy

These two genius minds were given the task of undoing what General Salem had done to the men and women of the Iron Hand unit…

Using a combination of sentient intelligence A.I, Nanobot technology and micro-fusion power, they set about a project known as “The Future Soldiers”

Five survivors from Ironhand were chosen, and 2 years later completed the final stages of their rehabilitation and training.

Robotics replaced deformed bones and damaged tissue, cybernetics linked directly to the brains enhanced hearing and sight, they were a masterpiece of medical and engineering technology.

Each of the 5 were also injected with A.I. controlled microscopic robots, that rebuilt not only the organic brain from within the body, but are also capable of repairing future damage the robotic exo skeletons that house them.

They are super soldiers, capable of far more than ordinary humans.

However the project also had its problems, the power source needed to sustain them caused radiation damage to the organic tissue over a prolonged time period.

And thus only the 5 were ever created, and they remain in cryogenic suspension when not in use to protect them from the radiation, only to be called upon for the most dangerous of missions.

With out this cryogenic freezing there life span would only be a few years , with it, they are theoretically immortal.

Recently one of 5 was dispatched to a conflict zone in Europe, a rouge terrorist organization has procured an ex-soviet nuclear warhead , and were planning on ransoming the Governments of various countries with it.

SPECON Command was alerted to the sale of the nuke by deep cover agents in the field, and due to the high threat of the weapon actually being used, only a covert team lead by one of the future soldiers was sent in discretely to the terrorists hide out in the forests of Romania

All went well, and the team reached the location without being detected by the terrorist group, unfortunately things then went incredibly badly for the mission.

The Future Solider leading the team was remotely hacked, his signal was lost to SPECON command and he turned on the agents with him.

Several were killed in the initial confusion, the rest fled to regroup and report back what had happened.

The level of technology that would be required to bypass the security on the Future Soldiers A.I is staggering, and suggests these are no ordinary group of terrorists.

Indeed the entire plot may have been to lure one of the 5 to the site for the very reason of this hack.

SPECON have dispatched another of the 5, this time with hard line shielding to stop any possible interference, even SPECON command would not be able to alter its mission parameters in the field.

Its job is simple, bring back or destroy the rouge Future Soldier at any cost…

However it will take several hours to reach the site, and in the interim the agents on the ground must re-engage the terrorists, and keep them at the location long enough for the other Future Soldier to arrive.

Obviously this could mean the agents going up against the very weapon system SPECON so highly regards, as the terrorist group may now have complete control of the rouge Future Soldier.

It will be a fight like no other, but the risk of this technology falling into enemy hands is a greater threat than any nuclear weapon…

They must succeed, the fate of the entire world may depend on it….

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