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The Story

General Saiem, (The former ruler of Usrekistahn.)

Now a wanted man, facing international charges of war crimes and forced to flee his home Country of Usrekistahna.

His former Assistant, Minister Oleg Demetrius, has become President after leading a coop against Saiem with aide from the capitalist west that lead to his exile.

However, during the evacuation of the Palace, the General liberated a vast fortune in antiquities and gold from his homeland.

This wealth has allowed him to fund the continuation of his now rebel army.

Bribing the former former warlord known as “Ugatu”, he paid for hiding his forces in Uganda.

Here he continued to rule his army in hiding, waiting for a chance to strike back at his homeland.

Ugatu had named himself the “president for life” of Uganda, and by forcibly taxing the people, he expanded the Ugandan army and began to challenge other international players.

In 2014 S.P.E.C.O.N. (Special Contained Operations – The rapid-response multi-role taskforce, that serves as the official military force of the U.N) intervened, with a large-scale covert operation, they trained and armed local resistance fighters already battling the warlord.

In the end, it was this training and support that helped to overthrow the tyrant, and the current President to finally take back control.

With Ugatu now out of the picture, and new President in control, things did not go as planned for the country…

Uganda was bankrupt, and was forced to make a deal with China.

In exchange for supplying the Uganda with military forces and weapons to help contain the still active and now rebel army of the former warlord, they would have side with China (and agree to its boycott of the west.)

As such the boarders were closed to all of China’s enemies and the U.N and S.P.E.C.O.N. were no longer welcome.

The Chinese/Uganda military forces are known as the “Peace keepers” and have been struggling to to deal with the former warlords army.

Several areas of the country are still held by armed rebels, using whole villages as hostages and thus preventing air strikes.

The peace keeping forces are fighting a war in unfamiliar territory, against an enemy with no rules.

The only option has been a serise of ground based attacks through some of the most inhospitable jungle on the planet, often resulting in failure.

One of these rebel armies they are fighting belongs to General Saiem.

The Generals looted wealth is now largely depleted, and he has been forced to look for other means of financing his forces.

Forced slave work in the diamond mining industry has existed for the past 130 years in Africa, and now the General has moved into this nasty business as well.

Many of those exploited are the poorest of the country, Kidnapped villages forced to work in the mines.

Slave labour has been used to strengthen his position of power, and to finance the expansion of his military assets.

Slaves are forced to mine for what is commonly known as “blood diamonds” or “conflict diamonds,” and these are sold for black market, in return this finances weaponry and wages for his ever-expanding number of troops.

The diamond mines are still manned by slaves, with machine guns, beatings and death held over them, the slaves are forced to work.

Rival Rebel groups also fight with each other to control diamond-rich territory.

The tragic result for Uganda is contained bloodshed, loss of civilian life, and shocking human rights abuses.

Furthermore, stories of zombies and strange occult happenings are rife in the area of Uganda controlled by the General.

Normally this would be put down to local villages superstition, however it is known the General is in the possession of the now infamous “revenant” technology.

This ancient strange occult technology (found deep in sealed former soviet bunkers,reclaimed by Usrekistahn) has the ability to reanimate the corpses of fallen comrades.

These undead troops are used as weapons against the living (often with disastrous results).

It is said The Generals mine is protected by such ghouls, and that certain death waits for anyone who would try to steal from Saiem.

One man is willing to take that risk, for fortune and glory…

The man is Montana Jones: international thief, black market trader and purveyor of rare (and often illegal) items.

His crew have now illegally crossed the boarder to Uganda, and they sit in wait only a few miles from General Saiem’s territory.

Montana’s crew are use to conflict , cut throats and pirates to a man, and during there time with the boss, they have seen many warzones and many unusual and strange things.

Will they be ready for the Generals forces and the threat of the undead?…..

Find out in our next game: Montana Jones: Diamonds and the Dead

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