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Montana Jones and the Return to Yakuza Island 13/5/18

Sunday,13th May 2018 08:00 – 17:00

Hire Gun Package Details:

Total price £40. Pay 50% (£20) deposit now online when you book your ticket and 50% (£20) cash on the day. Your deposit reserves your Gun, ammo and facemask which will be given to you on the day along with training on how to use the equipment safely.

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We will not accept any Hire Gun booking where the deposit has not been paid.

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The Story

Dr Montana Jones, freelance archaeologist, treasure hunter, and notorious black market dealer in illegal relics.

Having travelled the globe in the search of fortune and glory, in his wake he has left a plethora of angry (and usually violent) individuals, from whom he has liberated various priceless artefacts.

However on his last adventure he was foiled by the Yakuza boss Gouko.

Gouko and his crime family of Yakuza operate from an island off the coast of Japan, from here they manufacture methamphetamine to be smuggled into other countries and also use this base for smuggling firearms back into Japan.

Gouko having local police and corrupt authorities on the pay roll has insured the small island is left alone.

The crime syndicate adopt samurai-like rituals and often bear elaborate body tattoos, They engage in extortion, blackmail, smuggling, drug trafficking and arms dealing.

Last year Gouko’s gang robbed a Museum in Shinjuku where they took several priceless relics.

It is said that the Yakuza boss has a passion for antiquities and that his personal collection is rivalled only by few in the world

Among the items stolen in the robbery were the sword and burial ashes of a legendary Samurai Warrior Takeda Kenshin, recently discovered by archaeologists.

Takeda Kenshin was said to have been unstoppable, his armour and sword a gift from the gods and unable to be pierced by any blade or arrow.

Legend says that whoever returned his ashes to his sword and armour would awaken Takeda from the dead making him immortal once again… and in return he would be honour bound to serve the one that resurrected him forever.

And the Yakuza boss was rumoured to also have possession of Takeda’s armor…

There are many tales of the supernatural, and to most they are nothing but fiction.

However to those who have experienced such events first hand, such stories are not so easily dismissed.

Montana and a team of hired mercenaries went to Gouko’s island to try to take the treasure for himself

It is there that he saw the Yakuza preform the ritual the rise of Takeda

In the violent gun battle that followed, only Montana and a hand full of his men returned to the ship alive and empty handed

Now 6 months later Montana waits aboard his Yacht the “Forgotten Treasure”, around him more hired mercenaries sit loading rifles and preparing for battle

The groups destination once again is the island of the Yakuza

Montana runs his hand across the item in the hessian sack on the table in front of him, a smile on his face, this time it would be different the thought, this time he would have his revenge….

Find out what happens at our next exciting game: Montana Jones and the Return to Yakuza Island

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