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Montana Jones and the Mask of Madness 26/11/17

Sunday, 26th November 2017 08:00 – 17:00

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The Story

Militaries are usually known for their strict discipline and rigid command structure, but that doesn’t mean there haven’t been officers who broke rank

With the collapse of the Warsaw Pact and the end of the Cold war, Bulgaria could no longer support a vast military. A rapid reduction in personnel and active equipment was to be carried out in parallel with a general re-alignment of strategic interests.

Due to the economic crisis that affected most former Eastern bloc countries, a steady reform in the military could not be carried out; much of the equipment fell into disrepair and some of it was smuggled and sold to the international black market.

Inadequate payments, fuel and spare part shortages and the disbandment of many capable units led to an overall drop in combat readiness, morale and discipline of the Bulgarian army .

As the tanks and weapons of the cold war fell into disrepair eventually almost all of them were scrapped or sold to other countries.

In the early 2000s the military budget was so small that many of the remaining military forces were “rented” to outside interests.

Many of these services fell outside of army jurisdiction but the system was corrupted by those in power to generate private income sources for themselves.

One such garrison belonged to disenchanted General Nikolai Radev.

General Radev had seen his beloved army become nothing more than lap dogs to the greedy Corporate entities that prayed on economic struggle of Bulgaria.

His troops were tasked with guarding a copper mine located at 11 km to the northwest of the Delyan village in the Sofia Province, western Bulgaria,

2000 tons of copper ore are extracted every year, which is sold to the copper refineries.

The number of employees at the mine has been greatly reduced since the 1990s from over 900 to a mere 150, The Generals small Garrison had seen no increase in pay for over two decades.

Recently however An ancient tomb was accidentally discovered by his soldiers in a forest close to the mine, they were testing stockpiles of Nitro-glycerine that had proceeded it expiration date, and by chance uncovered the entrance to the tome.

The tome is believed from objects found at the site to be from the Varna culture.

While no vast dollar value could be attached to the tome or any of the artefacts recovered, a prominent archaeologist requested accesses to the site that is believed to be thousands of years old.

This has provided another income stream to the General, however several days ago a discovery was made that changed everything….

An artefact was removed from a secret compartment in the tome, this artefact was grudgingly shown to the General by the archaeologist (he had insisted he personally inspect anything removed) , at this point it changed the General in some unknown way.

The General became enraged, ordered the archaeologist be arrested and confiscated the artefact for himself.

This was 3 days ago, an now the archaeologist sat in one of the garrisons cells.

Outside his cell window he has seen the workers of the mine chain ganged into work parties and marched into the forest… he has also seen those that resist executed.

The Man was no other than Montana Jones.

Professional archaeologist, student of the occult and dealer in black market relics.

Montana however is also the leader of a gang of professional thieves (not all relics lay in sealed tomes , most require by-passing security systems and threatening people with firearms) and this loyal group of cut throats help him acquire things when needed.

From a transmitter, hidden in the hat band of his fedora, has signalled his men who were waiting on board his ship the Forgotten Treasure, he has informed his men of his predicament and they are currently making their way across the country to his aid…

Will he be rescued? Find out in our next exciting game: Montana Jones and the Mask of Madness