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Montana Jones and the Demon Diamonds 19/8/18

Sunday, 19th August 2018 08:00 – 17:00

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The Story

Forced slave work in the diamond mining industry has existed for the past 130 years in Africa.

In Uganda, The former warlord known as “Ugatu” had united several of the larger private gangs & rebel armies in the area under his banner. The African Liberation Army (A.L.A.) he now commanded, seized power in a military coup.

Ugatu had named himself the “president for life” of his home nation of Uganda and by forcibly taxing the people, he expanded his army.

Many of those exploited were, and still are, the poorest of the country.

Kidnapped to this day by the still active Rebel forces. The former military of a Tyrannical Government.

Slave labour was used to strengthen his position of power, and to finance the expansion of his military assets.

Slaves were used to mine for what is commonly known as “blood diamonds” or “conflict diamonds,” and these were sold for black market weaponry and wages for his ever expanding amount of troops.

In 2014  S.P.E.C.O.N. (Special Contained Operations – The rapid-response multi-role taskforce, that serves as the official military force of the U.N) intervened , with a large scale covert operation, they trained and armed local resistance  fighters already battling the warlord. In the end, it was this training and support that helped to overthrow the tyrant and the current President take control.

However when the new President took control things did not go as planned…

Uganda made a deal with China, in exchange for supplying the country with military forces and weapons to help contain the still active and now rebel forces of the former warlord they would side with China and its boycott of the west,

As such the boarders were closed to all of China’s enemies and the U.N and S.P.E.C.O.N. were no longer welcome.

The Chinese/Uganda military forces are known as the “Peace keepers” and have been struggling to take back control. Several areas of the country are still held by armed rebels using whole villages as hostages and preventing air strikes.

The only option has been ground based attacks through some of the most inhospitable jungle on the planet.

Where the former military forces of Ugatu or independent rebel groups still hold control, nothing has changed.

The diamond mines are still manned by slaves, with machine guns, beatings and death held over them, they are forced to work.

Diamonds intensify any civil war by financing militaries and rebel militia

Rival groups also fight with each other to control diamond-rich territory. The tragic result is bloodshed, loss of life, and shocking human rights abuses.

Every year, rebels smuggle about £15 million worth of diamonds into neighbouring countries, exchanging these diamonds for weapons and strengthening their grip on the territory’s they still control.

Recently stories of strange and occult happenings have surfaced about a rebel controlled mine in the Kibale region.

It is said the Rebels have uncovered something strange and not of this world, giving them the power they need to take back Uganda…

Peace Keeper Forces have been ordered to make the dangerous expedition to the remote region of the mine and take back control and free the slaves held there.

With them, a man in a fedora lays back on the seating of one of the convoys of jeeps. This man had travelled into Uganda illegally under false papers.

This man had requested and actually bribed the local commander of the Peace Keepers to accompany the expedition to the mine…

This man was Montana Jones.

Montana did not know exactly what to expect at the mine… but stories of the occult had a strange habit of becoming more than just stories around him.

Either way, with sever million in blood diamonds at the mine… fortune and glory await.

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