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Total price £40. Full payment required with your booking to reserve your Gun, ammo and facemask which will be given to you on the day along with training on how to use the equipment safely before the game commences.

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We will not accept any Hire Gun booking where the FULL price has not been paid.

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The Story

Hazam, Absurdistan, January 2021.

The truck was first detected in motion by a S.P.E.C.O.N. satellite monitoring the area for any vehicle movements crossing the border into the Communist Super-Bloc, and its movements back tracked to an abandoned factory, long suspected of being a chemical weapon factory during the Cold War.

CCTV captured at the border crossing shows an exchange of money to allow passage and a number of military aged males wearing a mixture of Communist military uniforms and Gopnik fashion.

The truck was the traced to a soda pop factory,  authorisation was given to intercept

Agents led a strike against the bottling factory which confirmed the presence of a chemical weapons processing equipment , however the truck was no longer at the factory…

The truck has been located in an area of woodland around the private home of the soft drink manufacturer.

The Ivan Ivanovitch Ivanovsky Bottling Corporation is responsible for a number of drinks exported out of the Communist Super-Bloc and into the West.

S.P.E.C.O.N have been authorised to lead an assault on the private farmhouse of the founder of the Ivan Ivanovitch Ivanovsky Bottling Corporation, known locally as “Triple I”.

Intelligence suggests Ivanovsky himself has ties with Russian Military and Intelligence Services as well as criminal elements, and since the tanker left Hazam the number of guards at all facilities have greatly increased and local surveillance has confirmed the presence of Communist military forces at all of the key “Triple I” facilities.

Hammer and Sickle flags fly from all the key structures, with graffiti daubing the walls, “Вставить, определить, запретить” (Vstavit, opredelit, zapretit).

S.P.E.C.O.N. analysts have translated this to “Insert, Identify, Interdict” the motto of a group of Communist hardliners under the command of Special Forces General Fillipp Sergei Bulka

All Agents should be on the lookout for Communist Special Forces while performing their operations.

S.P.E.C.O.N.’s objectives are simple: Secure the chemical tanker, Secure the home and its occupants Locate and Extract Senior “Triple I” staff for debriefing.

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