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Future Soldiers – Rogue Agent 17/3/19

Sunday, 17th March 2019 08:45 – 17:00

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Total price £40. Pay 50% (£20) deposit now online when you book your ticket and 50% (£20) cash on the day. Your deposit reserves your Gun, ammo and facemask which will be given to you on the day along with training on how to use the equipment safely.

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We will not accept any Hire Gun booking where the deposit has not been paid.

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The Story

During the end of the 2012 war with Usrekistahn known as the “Shadow Conflict” in western media, the main combat division of the SPECON active units was almost wiped out to a man.

General Saiem unleashed a biological weapon during the final attack on his capital city and military HQ.

In 2013 the unit was officially disbanded due to the huge losses.

Any surviving veterans were given full pensions, and if they wanted, re-hired as recruit trainers at SPECON command.

The survivors who were not critically wounded suffered many side effects from the chemicals such as: sterilisation, blindness, disfigurement and cellular mutation as well as psychological trauma.

Sadly these were the lucky ones.

The most unfortunate were disfigured beyond help by cosmetic surgeries, bodies changed on a genetic level and drastic measures were called for to even keep them alive…

Two men were called upon:

Professor Benjamin Gould , and Kenneth Jones Benedict – CEO of Coroli Corporation, Inventor, designer and Millionaire Playboy.

The two genius minds given the task of undoing what General Salem had done…

Using a combination of A.I sentient intelligence, Nanobot technology and micro-fusion power, they set about a project known as “The Future Soldiers”

Five survivors entered the program, all survived the procedure and completed the final stages of their rehabilitation and training.

Robotics replaced deformed bones and damaged tissue, cybernetics linked directly to the brains enhanced hearing and sight, they became a masterpiece of medical and engineering technology.

Each of the five were also injected with A.I. controlled microscopic robots, that rebuilt the damaged brain tissue and organs within the body as well as maintain their cybernetics.

All five made a full recovery, if fact they were now far beyond what they had once been

They are faster , stronger and capable of repairing  biological damage within the body.

Warriors that are virtually indestructible, as robotic exo-skeletons replaced bones, super soldiers, capable of far more than ordinary humans.

However earlier 3 years ago one of the five, a former SPECON Captain named Steve Warner, went AWOL and unfortunately had to be destroyed during his attempted recovery in China.

Worse was where he was found, the Captain was in China (China are no longer allowing Americans to travel its boarders), so they were forced to go in illegally.

Chinese military intelligence agents operating on the China/ Usrekistahn border were able to witness the results of the project first hand and the four remaining Future Solders were forced to terminate the fifth.

Until that point the existence of the Future Soldiers was known to only a hand full of people within SPECON and the U.S military.

Now several years later, the Chinese Government still desperately wants the technology of the Future Solider Project for itself.

SPECON have a cyber-solider-warfare truce with Russia (the only other super power who have been able to develop a second-rate version of the same technology) and so far no one else has mastered it.

Defence analyst of the Future Soldier compound computers has uncovered Chinese agents have attempted to hack the mainframe on several unsuccessful occasions.

In the last 2 years China have been in a state of near war with America over trade tariffs and the theft of sensitive U.S. military technology via cyber-warfare.

They have been targeting U.S. defence contractors, getting into their computer systems and stealing the designs of some of America’s best military assets.

Hacking over the years is one of the reasons China has been able to narrow the gap with the U.S. in advanced missiles, drone technology and even stealth aircraft.

North Korea is now allied with the Chinese, Making this threat even greater.

With leaked plans for the military Robotic Battle Suit project being sold onto the black market in 2016, several hostile countries scrabbled to gain the technological in the wake.

The only defence SPECON and the U.N Peacekeeping forces have to counter such dangerous technology are the Future Soldiers (who are superior) , and indeed they have been used successfully in response to several terrorist threats involving robotics over the last 2 years.

However this time the threat comes from closer to home, SPECON spies working within the Chinese Military have uncovered something far worse than a black market Battle Suit.

It appears when  Captain Warner (Soldier number five) was confronted and destroyed by the other four in the team the Chinese agents recovered more than just scrap metal…

And over the last two years they have been rebuilding Captain Warner from what was left.

They may not have had the technology to build what was needed from scratch, but they have been able to repair and replicate what was left of the Captain.

Spies have been able to uncover a top secret meeting in North Korea where Military personnel are due to be invited to witness the results of his reconstruction by the Chinese.

Fortunately this demonstration will give SPECON is a small window of opportunity to strike, Captain Warner is to be transported to a deserted military camp over the boarder to North Korea where military personnel will gather.

Security is lighter in North Korea,  they don’t have advanced radar systems like the Chinese, and the location of the meeting is deliberately isolated.

There will be a large Military escort from both the Chinese and the Koreans, and as such a full covert SPECON strike team is to be sent in to aid the operation.

There will also be as two of the Future Soldiers with them as additional support.

The mission is to bring back Captain Warner if possible …. And if not to make sure this time there is nothing left to rebuild.

Come join the action at our next exciting game: Future Soldiers – Rogue Agent

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