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The Story

What is known so far…

A Cargo plane departed from a Military Usrekistahn Airstrip at 10:31 GMT (12:31 local time) on the 5th of June and was due to arrive at Kandahar International Airport at 03:10 GMT (11:10 local time).

In its preliminary report, the Usrekistahn military have stated the plane lost contact with air traffic control at 13:20 GMT, when it was about 50km from the Russia-Usrekistahn border with China.

Satellite Footage has emerged showing a suspected crash site in territory controlled by pro-Saiem* separatists operating in the area, villages have reported seeing of wreckage falling to the ground in the area cortroled by the rebels.

U.S government forces have said there is growing evidence that suggests the plane was hit by a missile fired by the rebels.

US officials from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, have passed on intelligence gathered so far to SPECON Command.

Information given revealed that an S-25 missile was fired from the Southen Usrekistahn boarder and took out the plane (this type of missile system is consistent with the military hardware predating Salem’s exhale and commonly used by the separatists.

Evidence included images showing a surface-to-air missile launchers in the area, analysis of voice recordings of pro-Saiem rebels apparently admitting bringing the plane down and social-media activity pointing to rebel involvement.

The evidence also included satellite images of a camp allegedly used to train rebels near to the crash location on the border where the SAM site is located.

intelligence gathered via satellite suggest the plane broke up in mid-air after being hit by “numerous objects” that “pierced at high velocity” from outside the cabin …

The conclusion was “no evidence of technical or human error”.

Usrekistahn however, has denied all allegations of attack by the rebels and has instead suggested that the plane had experienced technical problems resulting in a crash.

Experts say flight crash investigators should be able to determine what caused the crash from traces left on the debris.

At this point in time however  Usrekistahn has broken with protocol and requested no aid from the U.N, and has established an Arial perimeter to impede any news or media into the area of dense forest where the crash site is suspected.

This blackout has been justified by Usrekistahn President-elect Olaf Abakumov, as necessary for national security, saying the plane’s manifest contained sensitive cargo.

He also publically announced that Usrekistahn has dispatched its own team of investigators into the mountainous regions to search for survivors and answers to the reason for the disaster.

What will the rescue party find at the crash site? ,what was on board the cargo plane?

And more importantly was this really human error or something more sinister?…..

Find out in our next exciting game:  Missing Cargo

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