Sunday, 17th July 2022 08:00 – 17:00

Hire Gun Package Details:

Total price £45. Full payment required with your booking to reserve your Gun, ammo and facemask which will be given to you on the day along with training on how to use the equipment safely before the game commences.

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We will not accept any Hire Gun booking where the FULL price has not been paid.

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The Story

It’s been several months since a spokesperson at the River Creek City Police Department made an announcement.

A team of Police officers had been sent to investigate the Arklay Mountain and River Creek Forest area after a number of hikers had been reported missing.

There were even more outlandish rumors of practically eaten remains being discovered by park rangers currently circulating the local media.

Then a family were attacked by a group of unknown assailants in the forest and taken hostage while camping, the rumors were then given evidence.

The single witness who was able to escape the “Cannibal Killers” and make her way to the edge of town was the mother of the missing family

She spoke of a group of individuals living in the forests and engaging in cannibalism, taking hikers prisoner and butchering them for food in a make shift camp they were using as a hideout.

Her story turned out to be true…

After an intense search, the individuals were uncovered by the officers, However they turned out to be heavily armed and far more dangerous than anyone could have predicted.

Contact with the team was lost, only a hand full of the 20 officers sent made it back alive.

The River Creek City Police Department, in desperation, contacted the Government for assistance.

A second team was sent in to investigate, a quarantine of the forest and mountain regions of River Creek was put into effect, all civilians were instructed to remain in the town boundaries during daylight hours, and remain indoors after dark.

A state of Marshal Law has been declared until the situation is under control.

A detachment of trainee National Guardsmen were in the area, and were diverted to River Creek to assist the officers in the apprehension of the suspects and unofficially authorized to kill on sight.

Armed with military equipment, the trainees had no fear about facing some psychos in a back water forest…. Even as the police officers who managed to escape the previous assault warned them of the horrors they encountered, the trainees laughed it off as tall tales from a bunch of untrained mountain cops.

Due to the topography of the mountains, outside radio contact was severely limited in the forest.

The National Guardsmen never returned…

Now SPECON has been contacted, and a team of their best Agents will once again return to the Forests to try and uncover what happened there.

What will be uncovered in the forests? … , who are the Cannibal Killers?… find out in our next game “The Return of The Cannibal Killers”.

Be sure to read the Terms and Conditions and our information on our COVID-19 Safety Precautions and requirements before booking your game.