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Jacob Hill – Family Values 12/11/17

Sunday, 12th November 2017 08:00 – 17:00

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The Story

Lauren Burrows: Socialite, Model, Daughter, and the wife to Maryville Tennessee Mayor: Gareth Burrows.

3 days ago, while being escorted home at night from a prestigious charity event, her car was attacked and driven off the road when traveling though one of the more isolated areas of forest around Maryville.

The car was found the next day, several miles from the road, the body guard and driver were also found, multiple stab and gunshot wounds on both…

The actual target of course was the Mayor himself, who later that night had received a phone call to his private number only a few hours after the incident… they called, spoke then hung up:

“Mayor Burrows, Jacob be having your pretty wife, if he don’t get what he wants, you won’t be seein’ her again.”

“We will be callin’ again soon, don’t you be running to the law or she will be killed, and sent back to you piece by piece”

Mayor Burrows stared at the phone, he would not be calling the F.B.I …. However an encrypted text to an old friend was soon sent.

Control Risk International, headed by an ex-special forces hero known as John “Tank” Frost.

C.R.I can be hired out to whoever has the money and means to pay their rather large fee.

Within hours Tank showed up at the Mayors door, he had a very thick folder in his hand

Inside this folder were police reports, and various other documents the Mayor had no idea of the origin, containing detailed information on a family of red necks known as the “Hills”.

This family (numbering over 100) had lived in the Kentucky Forests where they had become prominent drug producers in the area for several years, eventually expanding the business over the boarder to Tennessee, so far they had been moving across the state, murdering any and all competition to their drug trade.

It was rumoured that the head of the family, a man called Jacob, had been turned into a monster after taking drugs that were produced from some chemicals stolen from a weapons company.

These rumours however are the only stories as no official police reports were ever filed by the company involved.

Its seems now they have moved on to kidnapping…

The following day a second phone call was received, a meeting point has now been arranged.

A ransom of 5 million dollars, plus several tanks of a highly illegal chemical the Mayor had never heard of (and had one hell of a hard time getting hold of), has been requested.

Along with instructions that the Mayor come alone and unarmed to an isolated area of the Maryville national forest to make the exchange.

However the Mayor will not be coming alone, and his companions will certainly be armed.

Other than the Hill family, a few C.R.I personnel and the Mayor are the only ones who now know about the kidnapping, the mission is simple; to locate and retrieve Lauren, and bring her home safely.

However it goes without saying that in their line of business you leave no loose ends…

Will they be able to intercede to this ransom demand and get the mayor his wife back?

Find out in our next thrilling game: Jacob Hill – Family Values