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Jacob Hill – Family Feud 2/9/18

Sunday, 2nd September 2018 08:00 – 17:00

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The Story

An old family named the “Hills” have lived in the mountains and forests of America for several decades.

In recent years, as many small towns in America began to feel the effects of the global recession and the decline of the automotive and coal mining industries, the Hills began selling Homemade hill-billy heroine and oxycontin to the poor, desperate and unemployed.

The family prospered while the towns wasted away to lawless hellholes, and soon they had run off or killed all their competitors in the drug business in the state.

The Hills then fled Kentucky, and now control the drugs business in a large part of Tennessee.

Operating from several hidden drugs labs in the forests, they supply a local outlaw biker gangs who ship the product across the country for them.

The Hills, as they have so many times before, are prospering.

Having driven off or brutally murdered anyone that stands in there way, they are slowly taking complete control of the Tennessee drug business.

The current leader of the Hill family, a man known as Jacob, externally intelligent and even more devious.

Jacob lead the hill’s to a raid on an industrial chemical plant several years ago, stealing a large quantity of industrial chemicals.

Using two kidnapped chemists, the Hills forced them to produce a new type of drug known as “Chaos”.

The most notable effects of this highly addictive drug are a dizzying intoxicating high that lasts for several hours that users report to be vastly superior to conventional street drugs.

The other, that activates after the first has diminished, are increased strength and stamina lasting for around 5-6 hours coupled with the all compelling desire and focus to acquire more Chaos.

Crime rates tripled as Chaos enhanced addicts sought out cash at any means to buy more of the drug.

Local police and rangers were pushed beyond the limit, eventually a party was led to the forests where they believed the hills to be hiding …. No one made it back

The chemical stolen belonged to corporate giant Geno-Tec.

illegally manufactured chemicals intended to be used in the making military combat drugs, Chemicals that should never have been stored on U.S soil… Geno-Tec assembled a strike team, armed men dressed in unmarked military fatigues entered the forest to cover up any evidence of the company’s involvement.

The team came face to face with the entire Hill Family, a bloody battle began and many were killed on both sides. In the end the professional training of the mercenaries gave them the edge and Jacob was shot and mortally wounded…

Unfortunately that is not where the story ended, Jacob injected himself with a pure form of the chemicals that had been stolen.

His body was mutated into a hulking monstrosity. This abomination then attacked the strike team with extraordinary strength and resilience, the survivors of both sides fled from the battle.

His body mutated and powerful and his mind even more twisted than before, he is now a Monster.

Since then he has held his position as head of the Hill family and its lucrative drugs business.

His body now mutated and powerful and his mind even more twisted than it was before, he is now a more of a Monster than a man.

Through fear and intimidation he still rules the family, who now see him as a Hilly Billy God…

His two remaining brothers Cletus & Billy-Bob, each lead half the clan members as Jacobs lieutenants, and each has their own followers within the family.

Recently Jacob kidnapped a local officials pregnant wife, after injecting the former pageant queen with the same chemicals that mutated him, she too became a monster and has stayed with Jacob ever since.

The child born was an abomination, a product of the chemicals that are part of his D.N.A , he has been taken in by Jacob as his son.

With this threat to the succession of leadership, Cletus & Billy-Bob see their chances of ever running the Hill family slipping away…

Both are amassing their own forces in a bid to take over the command and run the family.

Now dived three ways, the Hills prepare for a brutal civil war.

When the dust settles who will take control ?

Find out in our next exciting game: The Hills – Family Feud

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