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Hunters and the Hunted 1/4/18

Sunday, 1st April 2018 08:00 – 17:00

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Total price £40. Pay 50% (£20) deposit now online when you book your ticket and 50% (£20) cash on the day. Your deposit reserves your Gun, ammo and facemask which will be given to you on the day along with training on how to use the equipment safely.

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We will not accept any Hire Gun booking where the deposit has not been paid.

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The Story

The North Carolina Zoo-topia Park is located in North Carolina in the Uwharrie Mountains near the geographic centre of the state.

At over 4,000 acres, it is the largest walk-through Zoo in the world. In the centre of large areas of Natural forest, jungle environments, rolling mountains and white water streams, you will also find cutting edge genetics labs and Veterinary facilities.

The Zoo is also used as a university for the best and brightest zoologists in the world and acceptance is extremely limited and highly prized by academics.

Zoo-topia has over 1600 animals from more than 250 species primarily representing Africa and North America. The zoo is open 364 days a year and receives more than 700,000 visitors annually.

However a few years ago everything went terribly terribly wrong…

A visiting Professor who was teaching at the University had lied about his identity, he was not who he said he was. This imposter was a criminal, known as Dr Paul Matherson , AKA “The Mangler” and has been on the run since 2007.

Matheson had escaped apprehension by several international law enforcement agencies in the last few years and often avoided capture by assuming the identity of travelling teachers and academics.

This provided the perfect cover for taking students on field trips, kidnapping them and then using them as test subjects for his continued bizarre research known as the “Arachnoform”.

The “Arachnoform” research the Dr is famous (or perhaps infamous is the correct word) involves genetic splicing from a rare spider breed he found in Africa and human DNA. The creatures created by this mix were both magnificent and monstrous. Six feet tall, able to rapidly heal from extreme wounds and with strength hundreds of times that of a human.

However despite being extremely loyal to their creator, most have exhibited great hostility to any outside forces they have encountered and violently protect their environment.

These creatures, despite the dangers associated with them, would be worth billions to several illegal bioweapon research groups operating presently. Since the first recorded sighting ,the international black market has offered a continued bounty to anyone who can bring in a live sample or a fertilised egg.

And so it was the Dr had infiltrated Zoo-topia Park. Using one of the remote areas not assessable to the public, he began experiments on several members of the parks’ staff.

The Director of the park had managed to keep the disappearance of the missing people from the media for several weeks (so as not to cause a panic) while investigations were privately authorised..

When a guest was finally abducted, the Zoo was closed down temporarily under the guise of maintenance. Documents were falsified as evidence to the police that the missing staff and customer left the park safe and sound.

In a desperate bid to keep what had transpired from the media or the police, the Director chose to call in help from several illegal channels rather than contact the authorities: Big game hunters, mercenaries, smugglers and black market poachers were hired and paid to track down this creature and destroy it.

They failed. Several of them died in the process.

That part of the park was sealed off, ringed already by electrical fences and high concrete walls. The half mile enclosure was evacuated and put under a complete lock down.

Dr Matherson (who at the initial point of his discovery had already made his escape) is still on the run and his whereabouts are unknown.

It is now several years later, the park is open for business as usual, but each year for one week it is closed for maintenance.

According to information gained from Matherson’s abandoned research, the creatures in the quarantined zone produce their eggs once a year.

Each year a one million dollar reward is offered by the zoo and its corporate associates to anyone who is willing to enter the enclosure and retrieve a fertilised egg.

This enterprise has ensured the zoos continued survival and funding, as the few eggs recovered are sold to the black market for a vast fortune.

And those that are hired to go in but never return ensure a plentiful supply of food for the creatures in the quarantine zone.

Of course by the very illegal nature of this entire enterprise, selection has restricted the candidates chosen for the hunt.

Only criminal elements and mercenaries, those who can be trusted to keep quiet and won’t be missed.

These hunters have been notified about the bounty, and as such the teams entering the compound are as cut throat and deadly as each other.

With so much money at stake and the park closed to the prying eyes of the world there are no rules.

Several of the groups hired often realise the odds would improve, if anything “unfortunate” were to happen to their competitors during the hunt.

What awaits them in Zoo-topia park, and do they stand a chance against a creature that so viciously protected its habitat before?

Find out at our next exciting game (and Easter Special) “Hunters and the hunted ”

Easter eggs to be won!

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