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Derik Star and the Doomsday Cult 3/3/19

Sunday, 3rd March 2019 08:45 – 17:00

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The Story

“Doomsday cult” is an expression used to describe cults who believe in apocalypticism and millenarianism, and can refer both to groups that simply predict disaster, and to those more dangerous cults, whose members may attempt to bring it about themselves.

The United States has a long history of exotic sectarian movements led by somewhat unorthodox spiritual entrepreneurs.

Derik Star also known as “The Saviour” a ruthless megalomaniac who is the founder and the leader of the extremist religious terrorist cult organization “The children of Judgment”

He truly believes that he was chosen by higher powers (and indeed can communicate with them), and that he was told of the coming end of the world and the part he must play in it.

He set about his divine mission, building up a considerable congregation of the marginalized, those with little or nothing to tie them to society, or those with grudges and violent hated of authority.

a flamboyant con artist whose tall stories are believed as undeniable truths – such as: having been a nuclear physicist (he dropped out of a civil engineering degree after only 1 year) and a decorated war hero (he wasn’t in any armed conflict or any branch of the military) and that he and he alone can communicated with the gods – he is revered by his flock, who have all sworn loyalty to him and his plans until the bitter end.

A combination of an irrational hatred for Government, intense natural charisma and his own occult interests, have shaped the structure of the new religion “The children of Judgment”

Where his teachings and mission, are seen spiritual steps that must be followed if you are to ascend to be with the Gods when the world ends.

The fanatical followers believed he is a divine being, and he does little to discourage their adulation.

As a result, everything he tells them is considered infallible scripture.

Recently he purchased a large amount of private land in the American Midwest and has moved his followers with him to this compound.

This is seen as the cults Holy Land.

His followers comprise many different forms of outsiders, from off the grid survivalist groups and gun nuts, to drug suppliers and addicts.

The cult’s war chest is funded by member donations, and it has grown large, funded by extortion of local business and narcotics manufacture and sale.

The cults members target local towns, any possible angle is exploited and anyone who stands in there way eliminated.

Derik is relentlessly drilling his followers to prepare for Armageddon, preaching its inevitability, and the divine wish of the gods he speaks to, for it to be brought about soon, and by those of true faith. Those who see the evil that the world has become… and those who deserve to inherit what comes after.

His followers now believe completely in his vision of the apocalypse and the “punishment” that must be inflicted upon the world.

On February 28, 2019, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) Received information that the cult are stockpiling illegal automatic weapons and ammunition.

The cult views its self as a religion and the land they protect holy ground that cannot be trespassed on by outsiders.

Negotiations to allow officers to enter the compound none-violently have failed, and at present a siege is in effect with law enforcement encircling grounds.

The situation is now critical, as recent intelligence from an operative undercover within the cult has been left for police, the operative has indicated that black market nuclear materials may have recently been purchased illegally, in the hopes of building a bomb.

Any attempt to raid the vast woodland compound in order to execute the search warrant, will inevitably end in a shootout with the cult.

Derik Star and his followers have sworn to defend the Holy Land to the death.

What happened next remains unclear… But with the possibility of a bomb under construction, they have no choice but to move on the cult and try to neutralise the threat as soon as possible.

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