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Frontier Apocalypse 2018 22/7/18

Sunday,22nd July 2018 08:00 – 17:00


Full price £30. Pay in full now, or pay on the day in cash. If you chose to ‘pay on the day’ we’ll contact you to confirm your booking and ask you to pay a £10 deposit online.

Hire Gun Package Details:

Total price £40. Includes your Gun, ammo and facemask which will be given to you on the day along with training on how to use the equipment safely.

Please note:

We will not accept any booking where the deposit has not been paid.

Site Rules:

Please be sure that you have read our site rules before booking.

Welcome to the world of Frontier Apocalypse, the airsoft roleplay game set in a dark future where the survivors of an apocalypse fight for wealth and power.

If you decide to attend this yearly game you will take part as one of two groups of hardened prospectors , surviving in the wastelands and mining for the valuable material known as Centite. You’ll face the dangers of rogue Bandit Raiders , Toxic Mutants and other Mining Gangs out to rob your claim and take your life.

We recommend that you come dressed in your best wasteland warrior costume, we always have at least one professional photographer on site taking pictures all day. We have a large cast of characters played by our marshals and experienced roleplay actors to help bring the day to life who will be running events as the day unfolds.

The main game focuses on mining the special Centite ore, if your team collects more than the opposition at the end of the day you win! and help shape the future of the Apocalypse. Alongside this main game we also run several smaller mini-games that will be available through the day giving you the chance to earn extra rewards (and have more fun).

We’ll have several characters to interact with who will provide information and give out some extra missions to hapless victims enterprising miners and prospectors trying to get ahead!

More details to come…

Visit our special Frontier Apocalypse game page to find out more!