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Cult of Chaos 11/11/18

Sunday, 11th November 2018 08:45 – 17:00

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Total price £40. Pay 50% (£20) deposit now online when you book your ticket and 50% (£20) cash on the day. Your deposit reserves your Gun, ammo and facemask which will be given to you on the day along with training on how to use the equipment safely.

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The Story

What is known so far…

Over a year ago, The Usrekistahn military lost contact with an armed convoy in an area along the Russia-Usrekistahn border with China.

The convoy was transporting a classified cargo…

Usrekistahn requested no aid from neighbouring China (not surprising since the two neighbouring countries have cut all diplomatic ties since the previous ruler of Usrekistahn was overthrown) or SPECON (their closest allies).

Several statements were made to SPECON command hinting that sensitive military technologies were aboard the convoys manifest but that they had it under control.

What was known to only a few…

Only Usrekistahn President-elect Olaf Abakumov, and a few high ranking Usrekistahn Officials knew what was in the convoy’s manifest.

12 years ago when Usrekistahn separated from Russia, General Saiem had ransacked several Russian vaults during the border disputes and reclamation of land that followed the split.

Inside the secret vaults lay technology sealed up from WW2.

During the Nazi rise to power, Hitler had been obsessed with the occult and a secret arms race of a sort had existed between all the super powers. The goal was to develop any potential weapons from any supernatural means.

The Russians had their own division known as the Department for Paranormal Sciences, under the command of Ninel Sergeyvna Kulagin.

The Department studied any and all paranormal anomalies. Research and development were conducted in the secret vaults, and many were sealed and forgotten about after the end of the war.

One of these vaults was opened by General Saiem and three artefacts of unknown origin were removed.

These artefacts were known as the Кубики тессеракта or tesseract cubes.

Each had a different property, the Blue Cube could produce unlimited energy (and was used to power the Vault it was hidden in) the Green Cube could be used to control the minds of those around the person holding the cube (however those that used the cube died of brain tumours within days of contact) and the final red cube was more sinister still…

The Red cube was seen as a gateway, or portal to another realm or dimension, those who made contact with it where changed.

Within hours of making contact, the test subjects became hosts for beings from those dimensions, their bodies would became mutated and changed. The minds of the subjects now under the control of the creatures that possessed them.

These entities were incredibly malevolent, and all of the test subjects used as “hosts” had to be destroyed shortly after creation.

The Cubes were found after Saiems exile, along with all the records of the experimentation that lead to the discovery of each cubes function.

Hidden away in the Usrekistahn Presidential Palace they had not been discovered by SPECON during the final battle that lead the General fleeing the country.

Months after President-elect Olaf Abakumov took office, he was alerted to their discovery made by his servants in the Palace.

Upon discovery of the cubes and the various functions and nature of each, he alone made the decision not to inform his western allies.

Instead they would be transported to another cold war bunker high in the mountains away from the population, safely hidden away until they may one day be needed.

Security protocols and safety procedures had been put in place to secure them, the Cubes were being transported by land to a newly refurbished underground Vault, hundreds of miles from the nearest population centre.

Here they would be safely and secretly contained, however that was over a year ago before they lost contact…

The convoy lost contact along the way, a retrieval team was sent to investigate the last location of the convoy, this team also went missing, the corpses of the investigators found days later by a second team.

The bodies were mutilated, the cubes were gone… and so where the original soldiers tasked with escorting them to the vault.

The soldiers and cubes have been missing now for over a year, no trace of them could be found, until a few months ago…

Intelligence reports, from covert operatives stationed in China, indicated the missing troops may be connected with rumours of a satanic cult operating out of an abandoned temple near an isolated rural mountain village on the Chinese side of the boarder.

The stories were hard to believe, tales of demonic creatures (formally soldiers) kidnapping villages in the night never to be seen again.

President-elect Olaf illegally dispatched a Special Forces team to the village, heavily armed and under strict instructions to bring back the Cubes at all costs, Avoiding civilian casualties was only a secondary priority.

The existence of the Cubes could not be discovered by the rest of the world, since President Olaf never disclosed the discovery of the cubes to Usrekistahn’s Allies.

If a global incident were to occur as a result, for him it would be would be political suicide.

Unfortunately the special forces team never returned from the covert mission across the boarder, and because of its secret status, no further investigation could be carried out and all records of the operation were removed.

It has now been 3 months since that illegal operation ended so disastrously, and no fallout from it has arisen, no bodies have been reported to Chinese authority (but in such a remote region, it is unlikely even if they were discovered, it would be reported by the locals).

It is now time for a second attempt, this time a highly armed team will escort one of the countries three солдат киборгов (prototype cyborg soldiers) with them, despite a great risk this classified technology will fall into Chinese hands should they fail, the risk of not recovering the Cubes is still greater int he presidents eyes.

Will this retrieval team be successful in the mission?

Who leads the secretive cult?

Find out in our next exciting game: The Cult of Chaos the Reckoning

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