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Total price £45. Full payment required with your booking to reserve your Gun, ammo and facemask which will be given to you on the day along with training on how to use the equipment safely before the game commences.

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We will not accept any Hire Gun booking where the FULL price has not been paid.

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The Story


The Former leader of the Hill family, a group of Hill Billy’s who ran a successful heroin business in Kentucky.

Extremely intelligent and devious, Jacob lead the Hill’s on a raid at an industrial chemical plant.

Stealing a large quantity of industrial chemicals and using two kidnapped chemists, they produced a new type of drug known locally as “Bliss”.

The chemical stolen belonged to corporate pharmaceutical giant Geno-Tec, they were Highly illegal and something the company were storing in American facility unofficially.

If the truth of what was taken was uncovered it could have destroyed the company.

A Geno-Tec strike team was assembled, armed men dressed in unmarked military fatigues, who entered the forest to cover up any evidence of the company’s involvement.

During the attack Jacob was shot and mortally wounded, unfortunately that is not where the story ended, Jacob apparently injected himself with a pure form of the chemicals that had been stolen.

His body was mutated beyond anything that had ever been encountered before.

Jacob now has tremendous physical strength, a super human healing ability, and a psychotic instability that make him extremely dangerous.

The Hill Family under now the leadership of Jacob’s brother Cletus, have fled Kentucky and control the drugs business in a large part of Tennessee.

Operating from several drugs labs hidden in one of the huge National forests, they supply outlaw biker gangs who ship the product across the country for them.

The Hills, as they have so many times before, are once again prospering.

Having driven off or brutally murdered anyone that gets in there way, they are slowly taking complete control of the Tennessee drug business.

A family of inbred killers, that are still to this day harbouring a monster, the creature that was Jacob Hill is rumoured to still protect the family, his mutated mind even more twisted than it was before.

Unable to interact on any social level even within the family, this creature remains hidden deep in the forests where they do business, taking offerings of chemicals and drugs they leave for him in strange homemade shrines.

Through fear and intimidation Cletus now rules the family and has run off any competition in the area, but he owes his power to the monster that was his brother, for he alone is said to be able to control the beast.

The rest of the family now see Jacob as some kind of hill billy God…

………………………………….Inside the offices of Geno-Tec ………………………………….

The Director looked at the report again and then up at the faces around the large table.

Sweet Jesus he though.

” it’s time to clear up my predecessor mistakes, this can’t be allowed to continue” – he said to the group of assembled executives

“we have failed before to capture this… thing, and this time no expense will be spared!”

“I want a full strike team sent in, authorise use of military grade weaponry, and pay off the local police and law enforcement agencies in the area to cooperate with the story of a chemical spill, quarantine the forest so our agents can work with impunity”

“All of our experiments to recreate what happened to this man have failed.., we must have this creature for our Bio-weapons division”

“This time there must be no failure… I want the subject brought back to the labs alive for testing, capture the brother, murder this family of miscreants, and the creature will come to you”

And with that the director got up and walked away from the board room, behind him the executives quickly went about executing his orders.

The Hunt was on for the thing that was once Jacob Hill ….

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