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Montana Jones and the secrets of the Amazon 18-8-19

Sunday, 18th August 2019 08:45 – 17:00

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The Story

Trundling along the dirt roads of the Amazon, the giant logging lorry was dwarfed the trunks of nine huge trees that were piled high on the back – incontrovertible proof of the continuing destruction of the world’s greatest rainforest and its most endangered tribe, the Tupia.

The Tupia are one of the few nomadic hunter-gathering tribes left in the Amazon.

Throughout the Amazon authorities struggle to tackle the powerful illegal logging industry.

But it is not just the loss of the trees that has created a situation so dangerous in the region for the tribe.

People are pouring on to the Tupia’s land, building illegal settlements, running cattle ranches.

Hired gunmen – known as pistoleros – are reported to be hunting Tupia who have stood in the way of the criminal land-grabbers.

Local Government & law enforcement are simply incapable of protecting the vast areas of Jungle from the criminal gangs.

The highly profitable illegal logging means that the gangs will not give  up without a fight , and on several occasion Military Police officers and been killed while trying to intervene.

According to the Indigenous Missionary Council, through encroachment on the land and a series of massacres over 300 indigenous people have been murdered in the area so far.

Without government intervention it seemed very likely that the Tupia and their ancient culture will become extinct

The Tupia are Nature worshippers, there spiritual and devotional practices focus on the worship of the nature spirits , considered to be behind the natural phenomena visible throughout nature

The Trees are part of this Religion, and have deep and sacred meanings to the Tupia.

The sacred trees are said to be Guarded by “Jinn”, supernatural creatures that are neither innately evil nor innately good, these creatures are said to have been able to be controlled by the Tribes Shaman to aid the Tupia

Sacrifices are made to them, and the sick members of the tribe who sleep beneath the sacred trees often recover

The Shaman are said to control the Jinn by way of a staff that has been passed through the tribe for hundreds of years

This staff holds a large stone that is said to have fallen from the sky’s when the world was created

And it was this Staff that had brought Montana Jones and his own criminal gang of thieves and mercenaries to such a dangerous part of the Amazon

Dr Montana Jones, freelance archaeologist, treasure hunter, and notorious black market dealer in illegal relics.

Wanted in several countries and leader of a group of likeminded cut throats and criminals

His plan was simple, fight through the Loggers and there armed guards, find the tribe and offer them assistance in their fight in return for the staff ….

Find out what awaits them in our Next Game: Montana Jones and the secrets of the Amazon

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