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The Story

Uganda has made a deal with China, in exchange for supplying the country with military forces and weapons to help contain the still active and now rebel forces of the former warlord, Uganda would side with China and its boycott of the west.

China also bartered for exclusive gold and mineral mining rights within the country, and in return they have agreed to become the country’s military ally and provide forces to replace the devastated Ugandan military that was almost entirely wiped out during civil war that dethroned the Warlord Ugatu

The Chinese/Uganda military forces are known as the “Peace keepers” and have been struggling to take back control.

Several areas of the country are still held by armed Rebels.

The Rebels have taken using whole villages as hostages and thus preventing air strikes from the Peace Keepers.

The only option has been ground based attacks, Attacks through some of the most inhospitable jungle on the planet.

Where the former military forces of Ugatu rule, or newly formed independent Rebel groups hold control, nothing has changed, violence and exploitation is common place.

The remnants of the Tyrants forces are now at war with the Chinese-Uganda coalition of peacekeeping forces using military grade weapons supplied by the former ruler.

In this hostile war zone, casualties have been high on both sides, daily the death toll rises.

Amongst this conflict strange rumours have continued to persist …

Rumours of terrible monsters that also hunt in the jungles of Uganda, only during the hottest days of Summer.

Believed to be a myth started by villages to explain the mysterious disappearance of locals (who were probably killed during the fighting between the Peace Keepers and Rebels).

This story has been restricted from the western media by the blockade China has around the country.

For those on the ground however, the rumours continue to hold some merit… mutilated bodies have been found, entire patrols lost and presumed victims of rebel forces have been uncovered, bodies skinned and sometimes the heads removed.

This could be chalked up to Rebel scare tactics, However several Rebel gang members were not also found dead, in the same state as the bodies of the Peace Keepers.

Whoever (or whatever) is doing this , had no allegiance to either side in the conflict…

Now the Peace Keepers have been given there latest operation briefing.

They are to enter the Rebel  controlled area known as Ganodna and destroy several arms stock piles of Rebel weapons held at the location.

The Peacekeepers have no idea what awaits them in the jungle, or if they will face more than armed Rebel troops.

Find out the outcome of this story for yourself in our next exciting game: Predators: Bad Blood

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